Essential Tips for Energy Efficient Windows, Doors and Skylights


The doors, windows and skylights, also popularly known as fenestration, are important components of a house. They are responsible for allowing or bringing fresh air and light as well as the overall ventilation required for the overall health of the people residing in the house. However, along with the air and light, the windows, doors and skylights are also responsible to bring heat and cold inside the house. In this context, the energy efficient windows, doors and skylights save energy, reduce or regulate heat, cooling, and lighting costs, and eventually improves the comforts of your home. The energy star is a government program for helping the consumers to equip their windows, doors, and skylights with energy efficient doors, windows and skylights to save money on energy costs as well as protect and promote the environment. Collect your energy efficient windows, doors and skylights from Cartier Renovations windows and doors for best performance and durability.

Some of the key features of the energy efficient windows, doors and skylights are special coating, also known as low emissivity coating or low-E glass, triple glazing, special inert, and label. The special coating and insulated frames ensure the windows, doors and skylight comfortably fit resulting in reduced condensation of the glass. The triple glazing helps in reducing the exterior noises and energy saving. The special inert gases in between glass panes for enhanced insulation. You must check the label on the product to verify whether the product is certified or not.

You need to know your climate zone and seek models that are certified for that zone out of the three Canadian climate zone. It should be colder to save energy. These specifications are effective till 1st January 2020 as per the criteria of ENERGY STAR across Canada. You need to make sure of the ENERGY STAR on your invoice or quotation. In spite of your confidence in installing the equipment, it is always good to hire a professional for your work. Install your windows with higher insulation on the northern and eastern side of your house for reducing heat loss.

The ENERGY STAR symbol and name are registered trademark in Canada by the US environmental protection Agency which is promoted and administered by the Canadian Natural Resources. All ENERGY STAR products are thoroughly tested and certified ensuring required efficiency specifications. They are further certified by third-party verification for quality standard and high performance.