Top 7 Window Coverings Ideas for Your Space That Can Improve Your View


Your windows and the manner in which you cover them can make or break your space. You want them to be aesthetically pleasing, but they should also be functional and have light control inside your office or space.

You have many choices in custom commercial window treatments. You may prefer long and flowing commercial draperies, modern window coverings, classic style drapes, roller shades or blinds–all of which are a great choice when you choose the most functional style to suit your needs.

#1. Sheer White Drapes

When you choose sheer drapery panels for a window covering you let in the most available light possible when they are closed. This type of window covering works well in smaller rooms to let in additional light and make space look larger than it actually is. You can add some dramatic touches to this style by mounting the drapery panels at the ceiling and having them flow all the way to the floor.

#2. Adding Colorful Trim

When you choose drapery panels for your window coverings, you can choose a simple color and add some colorful trim. This makes it noticeable, but it doesn’t shout out too much to appear overdone. A different fabric in a solid color or a print can be added at the top of drapery panels, on the bottom or on the sides, which serves as a frame to your view to the outside world. This is also a modern appearance for cubicle curtains in a two-toned panel.

#3. Roller Shades are a Popular Choice

Shades of all types are a great choice in a commercial setting. It’s found that shading in an office building will improve the comfort and productivity of the workers and in turn, improves your bottom line. Roller shades allow you to choose the exact amount of light you want in a space. They are available in a wide range of opacities, designs, fabrics and colors and can be custom made to your exact specifications. You may decide you want them to blend in to a room and have them the same color as the paint on your walls. On the other hand, you can have them in a bright and fun color to really stand out and accent a room. Roller shades are very versatile because they may be manual or motorized and can even be designed for skylights that are so popular in modern architecture. Roller shades can be entirely open, closed or adjusted anywhere in between to satisfy your lighting and heat intake in a window.

#4. Horizontal Light Control with Mini Blinds

Mini blinds have been in use since the 1950s and they are commonly called Venetian blinds because Venetian traders first brought the blinds to Venice and Paris to sell. Mini blinds are an inexpensive option for a commercial space with a lot of windows to cover. You can choose from 1 or 2 inch wide slats and several colors or they can actually be covered in commercial fabric for a great, modern appearance in any color or pattern you choose. Mini blinds are easy to control, as you can raise or lower them to any height for your light control or just simply tilt the vanes for more of filtered light in your space.

#5. Fauxwood Blinds for Sophistication

Fauxwood blinds are sophisticated and beautiful as well as a timeless classic for any commercial space. They appear as if they are made of hardwood, but are made from sustainable products at a lower price point. The wood grain is beautiful when either painted in any color you wish or stained in any of hundreds of hues to match your trim work in a space seamlessly. Fauxwood blinds are extremely long-lasting, so there will be no need to replace them for years to come. You can choose the traditional type of control with strings, a child-safe wand, a cordless version or the best of the best with motorization for a seamless and flawless operation.

#6. Vertical Blinds for Large Windows 

Modern commercial architecture calls for large picture windows, banks of windows and specialty shaped windows of all sorts. Vertical blinds were actually invented to be much stronger than the original horizontal style blinds. On a large window, the horizontal blinds were not sturdy enough to support the structure and they collect dirt and dust quickly. Another great advantage of vertical blinds is that they are much easier to keep clean and require much less maintenance. You have a choice of any color and pattern you desire on vertical blinds because you can choose to have the vanes covered in fabric to customize them how you want. In addition, you have full control over how they stack. The stack is the area that the vanes stack up when open. Horizontal blinds will always stack at the top of the window, but vertical blinds can stack on either side, both sides or in the center of a window.

#7. The Best of The Best in Innovative Window Coverings

If you are searching for a commercial window treatment that is the longest lasting product on the market and allows you the most light, heat gain and savings in energy–it’s motorized window treatments. They have no dangling cords or wands so they look quite neat and tidy at all times. You can program them to open and close either fully or partially at any time of the day or night to control the light in a space. Motorized blinds can sync with your security system that is already in place or you can operate them on any smart device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. Some models will even track the sun or even the temperatures to automatically open or close for you.

Choosing roller shades Meridian ID for custom window treatments is the best idea for all of your window coverings. It allows you to get exactly what you want in aesthetics, colors, designs and functionality as well as energy savings. You can have the best of both worlds and block out the outside or enjoy the beautiful view with your window coverings open.