Essential Pool Maintenance Tips for Hot Summer Months

Swimming pool

Summer is here, and that means it’s time to start enjoying your pool! However, with the hot temperatures and increased usage of your pool, it’s also important to keep up with maintenance to ensure a safe and clean swimming experience. Here are some essential pool maintenance tips for the hot summer months.

  1. Keep an Eye on Water Levels

One of the most important things to monitor during the summer is the water level in your pool. Hot temperatures and increased usage can cause water to evaporate quickly, so be sure to regularly check and top off your pool’s water level as needed. Hiring a good company for pool maintenance in Alpharetta can also help you keep your pool’s water level balanced.

  1. Test and Balance Chemicals Regularly

Proper chemical balance is crucial for a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. In the summer, it’s important to test and balance your pool chemicals more frequently due to increased usage and heat. Aim for a pH level between 7.2-7.8 and chlorine levels between 1-3 ppm. An expert can help you provide tips for keeping your pool pristine and safe so that you and your family can enjoy the water without worry.

  1. Clean Skimmer Baskets and Filters

With the increase in pool usage during the summer, debris such as leaves, bugs, and sunscreen can quickly accumulate in your pool. Be sure to regularly clean out your skimmer baskets and filters to keep your pool water clean and clear.

  1. Brush and Vacuum the Pool

Along with cleaning out debris, it’s also important to brush and vacuum the walls and floor of your pool regularly. This helps prevent algae growth and keeps the water looking sparkling clean. Aim to brush and vacuum at least once a week, or more if needed.

  1. Keep an Eye on Pool Equipment

Summer heat can put added strain on your pool equipment, so it’s important to regularly check and maintain them. Inspect the pump, filter, and other equipment for any signs of wear and tear and address any issues promptly to prevent bigger problems down the line.

  1. Shock Your Pool

Even with regular maintenance, there can be times when your pool water becomes cloudy or develops an unpleasant odor. This is often due to a buildup of contaminants and bacteria, which can be tackled by shocking your pool with chlorine or other shock treatments. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully and allow time for the shock treatment to work before swimming.

  1. Don’t Forget About Pool Safety

Summer is a time for fun and relaxation, but pool safety should never be overlooked. Make sure to have proper safety equipment such as life jackets and pool alarms, and always supervise children when they are in or near the pool. It’s also important to educate yourself and your family on CPR techniques in case of an emergency.

  1. Consider Hiring a Professional

Keeping up with pool maintenance during the summer months can be time-consuming and overwhelming. If you find yourself struggling to keep your pool in top shape, consider hiring a professional to help alleviate the burden and ensure your pool stays clean and safe all summer long. Also, you can read this blog to get expert swimming pool cleaning and maintenance tips so you can help maintain your pool in between professional cleanings.


With these essential tips, you can enjoy your pool all summer long without having to worry about maintenance issues. By staying on top of regular upkeep and addressing any potential problems promptly, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience for yourself, your family, and your guests. So go ahead and make a splash this summer! ## Remember to Stay Hydrated