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4 Aspects to Consider When Selecting Patio Doors

If you’re looking for a way to provide your house with good natural lighting and exponentially increase its aesthetic appeal, then sliding patio doors are the way to go. They offer a sublime blend of your indoors and outdoors. Sliding patio doors allow natural lighting and they also provide your house with excellent views of the outdoors. With the varieties of patio doors in the market, consider the following factors when choosing the perfect patio door for your house.

Available Space for Your Patio Door
Patio doors require space to open and close. Consider this when choosing your patio door as it will guide you on which design is well suited for your house. If you have ample space, you would have more options on the design of your patio door, but if you have a constricted space, look for the best designs that could fit your small area elegantly.

Types of Patio Doors

There are various types of patio doors, but the most common and upbeat in the market are the sliding and swinging patio doors. There are more patio door options, but these being the most popular we chose to focus on them.

1. Sliding Patio Doors
These doors consist of two or more individual panels with at least one mobile panel. Sliding doors are mostly used with constricted living spaces because they swing parallel to the walls requiring minimal space. You can combine the sliding panels with fixed panels to create more extensive views and increase lee-way for natural lighting.

2. Swinging Patio Doors
Swinging doors are used where one has adequate living space to provide room to swing inward or outward when closing and opening. They are also referred to as hinged patio doors. They are often installed in pairs hinged on both sides of a central mullion and open like a butterfly’s wings.

Patio Door Materials

Also critical to consider is the type of material you are going to incorporate in the patio door that is best suitable for you.

1. Vinyl Patio Doors
Vinyl patio doors are made from a durable plastic material that can be easily customized to look like other materials to best suit the decor of your home. They are recommended as they are durable and low maintenance.

2. Wood Patio Doors
They provide an elegant look due to the aesthetic beauty offered by the distinctive look wood. They are relatively more expensive than other materials. Wood material will require frequent upkeep, but these damages are easily repaired.

3. Fiberglass Patio Doors
Fibreglass patio doors are a good choice as they are durable yet can provide the aesthetic beauty offered by wooden doors as they can mimic a wood finishing. This a good alternative for wooden patio doors as it requires less maintenance.

4. Aluminum Patio Doors
They create an elegant modern look for your home. They are very light and have slender frames allowing for larger glass panes for your doors. They are durable and require minimal maintenance, although dents and breakdowns can lead to a hassle to maintain.

Energy efficiency

This should be a priority when choosing a patio door. Fibreglass is the most energy efficient followed by vinyl, steel and wood doors in that order. UV coating, U-value and Low-E glass are some of the things to consider when choosing energy efficient patio doors.

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