Do You Know How You Can Get Right Estimates for Carpet Cleaning?


Usually, when you call any professional carpet cleaners for cleaning your carpet then their representative will first visit your home and see the condition of your carpet and also take the measurements.

These professional carpet cleaners bonne terre mo companies have certain fixed rates and based on that they will offer their estimate for cleaning. After you approve their rates, they will send their professionals to clean your carpet.

Following are seven major factors that can influence the cost of carpet cleaning.

  1. Upholstery cleaning

In case upholstery cleaning is also combined along with your carpets, then few companies may offer you a certain special discount.

Therefore, your overall carpet cleaning cost will include both carpet cleaning as well as cleaning the upholstery.

  1. Spot cleaning

Additional labour and time may be needed if there are stubborn spots or stains present on the carpet.

Therefore, few companies will charge additional amount and few others may include all the charges for spot cleaning within their standard estimate.

  1. Pet odour removal

If you have a pet then their odour may remain even if you clean your carpet and that gives a very unpleasant feeling. Therefore, most carpet cleaning companies will charge a few additional amounts for removing pet odour.

  1. Vacuuming

It is better to clarify whether the carpet cleaner will do the vacuuming within their standard charges for cleaning. In case they charge extra for that, then you can do it yourself instead of paying them.

  1. Shifting of furniture

Usually, carpet cleaners may charge for moving your furniture so that they can clean your carpet comfortably. If you take it upon yourself then you can save this cost.

Few companies, however, will be ready to move your furniture without charging any additional cost.

  1. Hallways and stairs

For quoting the cleaning charges for each room, your stairs and hallways will not be included in it. For that, you may have to pay extra for each step.

Same is the case with hallways and closets too.

  1. Smaller areas

If your area is much smaller that does not mean that cleaning charges will be less. There are certain minimum charges for the travel time of their professionals and also their services.