Power Washing – Choosing the Best Company


Hiring Spring Texas power washer is definitely a far better idea than doing it yourself. There are just too many things that can go wrong when you’re operating a power washer. The force of the water, the chemicals, the maneuverability of the equipment, etc., can be too much to handle for amateurs, causing damage to siding, trim and concrete. Then there’s the mess that misdirected water can cause to the landscaping and more. So, what should you look for when it comes to choosing the best power washing company? Read on.


Find someone who has a lot of experience says Bob Pergolotti of Power Washing CT. Your home is a big investment, so it makes sense that you choose a power wash company that knows what they’re doing. For example, when the water pressure is too high, it can get into the walls, causing mold and mildew problems, wet attics, soggy carpeting or worse. In addition, if an inexperienced pressure washer uses a setting that’s too high, it may leave your home looking great while it’s wet, but once it dries you’ll see that lines and squiggles have been left behind. Worse, when performed incorrectly, pressure washing can damage siding, cause leaks in window seals, destroy window screens, blast away painted surfaces and more.

Licensed and Insured

The power washing contractor you hire should be fully licensed and insured to be considered legitimate. Being licensed shows that they’re serious about their business and insurance protects you from accidents that can happen. If something does go wrong on the job, the insurance they carry should compensate you.

Referrals and Reviews

What kind of referrals and reviews are best? Great ones! Reputable power washing services do their best so that their customers not only call them back the next time they need help but pass along their name to their family and friends.  Today both satisfied and unhappy customers are eager to voice their opinions online so take the time to check them out.

Guarantee their Work

When you ask for an estimate for their pressure washing service, make certain a guarantee is part of the agreement. That way, if they don’t do a satisfactory job, they’ll compensate you.

Don’t Choose the Cheapest Power Washing Company


As with most things, it’s important to remember that you typically “get what you pay for”. If a power washing company is charging much lower prices than others, there’s most likely a reason. There are companies out there that charge less but offset the loss by cutting corners. Before you choose the least expensive company, take the time to check them out outline (read reviews, check out their website, etc.)

Bottom line, there are some household tasks that are best left to the experts – power washing is the perfect example of one. Highly qualified power washers will also be able to finish the work in a fraction of the time it would take you.

Owning a home is a major investment. So, protect it by choosing the best power washing service near you that fits all the qualities mentioned above.