Avoid These Common DIY Kitchen Failures

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When renovating or remodelling your kitchen, there are various mistakes that you need to avoid if you are looking to create a flawless space. You want a kitchen that is not only stylish but also capable of saving your space while leaving enough room for your activities, storage, and preparations. When engaging in the project themselves, most people tend to forget to include small storage features like cabinets and other tiny add-ons like drawer dividers or cabinet expansions. It is imperative to know that installing these parts in the construction stage is cheaper as compared to making later renovations. As such, if you’re designing your own kitchen, you should take note of the slightest details and re-analyse the project to ensure it fits your preference. You want to make a kitchen that is storage efficient and economical.

Here are some of the common DIY kitchen failures to avoid:

  • Overlooking the details of the kitchen ranges
    When installing kitchen doors and drawers, you should consider the design and type you want. This is because the style combination of the ranges ought to rhyme with your taste and kitchen space. While out there shopping, you will find a wide variety of kitchen doors and drawers to choose from. Take time to pick the most durable construction material for kitchen range longevity.

    • Working on the project alone
    Although you are a DIY type, you must admit that the input of an expert does count for something. As you create your construction or remodel plan, be sure to consult a professional kitchen designer who will help you get started with a fine-tuned plan. Moreover, the expert may offer improved tips and further point out the changes he/she would recommend for your space. Even with your unique ideas, consulting a professional allows you to make your space more efficient while also making it elegant. A kitchen design expert knows what items are best placed where, especially when it comes to built-in appliances.

    • Ignoring the countertop details
    A countertop is the focal point of any kitchen since it provides the space on which you can place items and get ready for cooking or other activities. As a result, it should give you ample space so you don’t have to squeeze in-between spaces trying to get something ready. Furthermore, the countertop should have a certain width and length to properly support appliances like blenders, toasters, microwaves, etc.

    • Forgetting the work triangle
    When planning to construct or remodel a kitchen, you should consider your workflow. This will guide you to better design the kitchen in an efficient arrangement. The work triangle comprises the areas with a sink, stove, or refrigerator. These kitchen areas should be in close proximity with one another for efficiency. You don’t want to get tired moving dirty utensils, groceries, or whatever else you’re cooking aimlessly around the kitchen.

    Giving appliances the last say!
    One common DIY kitchen failure is considering the appliances last after space has been designed. Before setting out to renovate your kitchen, it is imperative to note that any design only makes sense if you embark on your project knowing exactly what to create to meet your expectations. As such, you should consider the appliances you wish to have in your kitchen before remodelling or constructing the place. This will give you an idea of how spacious the kitchen should be and allow you to fit each appliance appropriately.

    By avoiding the above DIY kitchen failures, you should be able to create an efficient space that is both elegant and economical.