Renovate your kitchen and bathroom


Bathroom and kitchen are the two important places in the house where we feel fresh and get most of the ideas. The layout of the kitchen must comfortable and convenient so that it does not feel suffocated. The bathroom is the place where start and end your day and spend a refreshing time.

Things you need to know about bathroom renovation

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Moulds and mildews in the hot baths and showers. It will increase the moisture in the bathroom area. To cut the moisture in this place installing a small window or door is better. After every shower leave the window open so that the hot air will escape from the area. You can also wiped dry the shower walls and screens.

Towels are the top breeding place for the germs. So there should a place in the bathroom which is away from the toilet bowl and have enough ventilation to dry up the towels. In case you lock the towel in the bathroom it will breed with lots of germs. So experts recommend to wash the towel after 3 uses and replace the face towel after every use to avoid the musty smell.

Try to avoid the open shelf in small bathroom because it will increase the amount of dust and bacteria in the clean towels, toothbrushes and makeup brushes. So if you want to keep these things in bathroom than use the close shelf, doors, and drawers to avoid the bacteria.

The bathroom is the high moisture place where the danger of electric shocks will result in using electronic items like an electronic shaver, electronic hairdryer, and electronic brushes. The dedicated spot for these items must be 1 m or more away from the water resources. We also recommend for splash cover to safe the electronic form splashes and water sources.

To stay away from the white grout and white lines choose the bigger tile for the shower floor. It will be easy to clean and maintained the bathroom. To prevent the popped tiles in future regular look up the wall and floor tiles for overlying them. You must repair the hollow tiles to keep safe from any destruction in future.

Guide to layout your kitchen

To minimise the steps to get the task done you must take a note on the triangle hob, sink, and refrigerator. There are various types of table content that help you to put fewer steps to do a particular task.

  • Gallery kitchen: Gallery kitchen can apply in small kitchen apartment which aids efficiency in kitchen space. In these kitchen windows installed in the one end. You must be make sure that there will be proper lighting overhead and under the cabinets. So that kitchen counter u should have enough lighting for work. There must be 1.2 metre space to walk so that two persons can work comfortably.
  • U-shaped kitchen: In u shaped kitchens cabinets installed in three wall particular can get enough storage space. In confined and open-end space this will work well. You can leave 1.5-metre space in the kitchen so that two people can work comfortably.
  • L shaped kitchen: L shaped kitchen designed to accommodate without configuration. This type of kitchens is versatile for any kitchen type. There must not more difference between the hob, sink and refrigerator because it will slow down your work process. Good storage and well-maintained kitchen can help you make the kichen1.5-metre easy and make you happy.
  • Straight kitchen: Straight kitchen is a simple kitchen configuration which also called single-wall kitchen. All the triangle hob, sink and refrigerator are in one row. You can also join upper cabinets to maximise the storage space. To avoid the congested area you can install the slim open shelf. It is best for light kitchen users to make the room movement easy and comfortable.
  • Island kitchen: Island kitchen is the combination of above all kitchen types. To open up the kitchen space you need to renovate the kitchen. Island kitchen units extract the space with breakfast and dinning space.

Renovation of both the places are important to stay healthy and comfortable. You can choose any type of kitchen style and bathroom renovation thing which helps to live life easily. Check out this site for best oster blender reviews