Designing a Durable and Efficient Workshop


There’s no reason your workshop needs to be a damp, dingy dungeon with one light bulb swinging from the ceiling. If you spend considerable time on your projects, why not make it as functional and comfortable as possible? There are a few updates you can make to do just that.


When it comes to durability, one of your best options is epoxy flooring. It bonds to concrete, so if you already have a concrete floor it is easy to install. It creates a water and moisture barrier and is resistant to UV and chemicals. It also won’t peel or crack, like tile or bare floors. You most likely won’t ever find a stain and it’s very easy to clean. Although similar, it is more durable and effective than sealant. Not to mention it has a sleek appearance and comes in various styles and colors.


Lighting may be one of the most important aspects of your work space. You need to see what you are doing, right? Of course, be sure to have enough overhead lighting installed. However, you should also consider lighting for underneath your cabinets or shelves, making every last tiny screw easy to see. Lighting inside cabinets or storage areas might also be appreciated. There are plenty of desk lamps attached the magnifiers for small and intricate processes.


If your workshop is a dedicated space, you can design custom storage for your exact needs. You never have to lose a tool again. A place for everything makes organization a breeze, and could make you considerably more relaxed while working. If you don’t have the time or budget for custom cabinetry or closets, there are plenty of other solutions like storage bins of every size and organizers for existing drawers or storage spaces. Don’t forget to label everything.


You should consider insulating the space for both sound and atmospheric reasons. You probably don’t have typical heating and cooling in the room if it’s in a garage, shed or basement, but if it’s insulated it will help buffer and keep the inside a consistent temperature and more easily regulated with small personal heaters or fans. Also, to avoid annoying your family and neighbors, sound proofing would be extremely considerate. That means you can also turn your music all the way up while sawing away.

Make your next project the workshop itself and give yourself a place you actually want to go to. Even just a couple of small improvements could totally transform the room. Now, get to work!