Entrance Mats: Doormats and Pavements


It is common to think that elements such as commercial entry mats and doormats, among others, contribute to the accumulation of dust and dirt, but nothing is further from reality. We explain the advantages of having them in your day today. Pay attention because they will surprise you.

Rubber Flooring, What Are They

The rubber flooring is floor coverings that are made of recycled rubber. Its benefits and properties are varied and, therefore, we detail them below.

Benefits and Properties of Rubber Floors

  • A great impact reduction is achieved because they have damping properties
  • Rubber is a material that acts as an acoustic insulator and, in this way, reduces vibrations
  • Great resistance
  • It is recommended for people suffering from problems or injuries to feet, knees, and spine
  • It can be used thanks to its draining property outdoors
  • Easy cleaning
  • It is a non-slip surface
  • It is a powerful thermal insulator and lacks toxic components
  • Finally, it is a very versatile material and easy to install

Doormats: Entrance Mats

A doormat is a welcome aboard mats for everyone who comes home. In addition, it contributes to the cleanliness and optimum condition of the floors of the house.

What Are the Most Striking Features ofthe Entrance Mats?

  • Its main feature is that they can retain dirt at the entrance and thus prevent it from passing inwards. In this way, cleaning costs are reduced
  • They are a barrier of protection that hides the solid particles that we drag, sometimes, in the footwear
  • They are washable and do not spread the fire. In addition, thanks to its use, fungal growth is limited, and its non-slip properties are enjoyed

If you have decided to use these elements and include them in your day to day, clean the area where you want to place them. Let dry and place them.