Considerations You Need for the Coffee Making


Today, residents of the cities have the opportunity to get a high-quality apparatus for rent absolutely free, for this you only need to purchase coffee for a fixed amount. In addition, you do not need to worry about further maintenance and repair of the device, since the managers of the company are involved in resolving all issues. Using the best 4-5 cup coffee maker is essential now.

The principle of the coffee machine

All professional units work in approximately the same way, the first stage heats the water to about 90 degrees, and then it passes through the pressed ground coffee under a pressure of 9 bar. Their differences are in the level of automation, operability, a set of additional functions and cost. In the case when you need to pick up a coffee machine in Kiev , the first thing you will need to find answers to some questions:

Does the institution have a professional barista? 

  • Is coffee one of the menu items or is it related to the main position in the establishment? 
  • How many cups a machine should make per day. 

Having dealt with the first two questions, it will be possible to understand whether a semi-automatic or automatic machine is required. And the number of cups produced will indicate the performance of the future device. Based on these parameters, store consultants will be able to choose the appropriate option. In addition, a coffee machine can be obtained for free , for this you only need to buy a certain amount of coffee in an online store that delivers in the city of Kiev and Dnipro. Moreover, the company does not limit the choice of its customers, and therefore it is possible to choose the most suitable type of coffee beans.

Automatic coffee machine

  • A unit that can do everything by itself. In this case, employees of an institution or office workers only need to press a certain button, the machine will do the rest for a person. A certain number of grains will be ground, a tablet will be formed from them and a beverage will be prepared. The taste in this case will always be at its best. It is recommended to choose such devices for cafes and coffee houses with high traffic of people, when the task is to do everything quickly and efficiently.

Horn coffee machine

The horn or semi-automatic model does not have a coffee grinder in its design, and therefore it will have to be spent on it separately. In addition, in such devices you will need to fill the holder manually. Thanks to this, a lot of possibilities open up for the barista. It is possible to use different varieties of beans, as well as make mixtures of different types of coffee and choose the optimal dosage and portion size. The device automatically maintains the required water temperature and steam pressure. For specialized institutions, such a machine will be the best option, as it will be possible to diversify the range of drinks on offer. It will be possible to prepare a wide variety of coffee.

Coffee Machine Tips

The coffee equipment used must meet certain requirements, which will indicate that it is able to cope with its tasks. Therefore, before buying a professional coffee machine in Kiev, pay attention to the following nuances.