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The English style in the interior of a country house or apartment is simple enough to recognize. It was due to the famous conservatism of the British, their respect for their own roots and traditions, that the exact same interior design of the house, which was developed about 150 years ago, was preserved, but, not without technical details and interesting new products. At the home accessories shop you will have the best options for arranging the house accordingly.

English house interior

For the concept of the difference between the English style in the interior and the classic style similar to it, you can look at the images of the interiors of houses in England at the beginning of the 20th century. This applies to the design of large castles, and standard one-story houses.

Upholstered furniture

The most important place in these houses was occupied by the living room, in which there was a large fireplace, and there was a lot of space for installing a dining table, and a large space for musical instruments.

  • The main detail was the presence of a large number of upholstered furniture, because free seating should have been enough for all family members and guests.
  • A separate topic for consideration is wall decoration, and it is worth remembering that in the Victorian era the British Empire was very large, and the sun never set in it, and its industry was quite developed, and supplied its goods to almost the whole world.
  • This was sufficiently reflected in the decoration of the house. Some traditional details were found, for example fireplaces in the interior of the living room, or coffered ceilings from beams, laid strictly perpendicular to each other. And in almost all houses huge stained glass windows were installed, the walls were glued with the best fabric wallpaper with original embossing and painting, the trims were decorated, like today our moldings, columns were erected.

The walls, as a rule, were decorated with paintings, various tapestries, original embroideries in expensive carved frames, and it is worth noting that the more elegant and luxurious the decoration was, the more modest it had a frame and, accordingly, vice versa.

English medieval style

One could trace a lot of oriental motifs in the interior – this is a special tribute to the era of colonization. Delicate oriental silk and chiffon were used simultaneously with a standard linen or woolen fabric, and the use of brushes, various draperies and embroideries was also common. In this case, one should not overdo it, and not turn your house into an exhibition hall or a museum, because in those days it was very important to become a person with good taste, and moderation was considered an important component.