Different Types of Bathroom Sinks to Suit Your Bathroom 


Bathrooms are no longer a mundane area of the house. You have plenty of design, style, and color options available for each and every bathroom accessory which unite together to create an eclectic look of the bathroom. It’s a place where you can completely unwind and becomes your favorite spot for some relaxing moments at the end of the day. Here, we look at some stylish bathroom sinks types that are most easily available at MTI

  • The wall mounted sink

An extremely popular and common type of sink; it is ideal for powder rooms or bathrooms facing a challenge with square footage area. A major drawback of this type is the lack of any storage space which is compensated by most by partnering this sink with a medicine cabinet. 

  • The undermount sink

As evident, this type of sink is mounted beneath the counter, which can be constructed from granite or marble and fitted with caulks and clips. There is a seamless integration of counter and sink here but must be properly installed to avoid any leaks. It is a slightly expensive venture but well worth the cost. 

  • The Vanity Sinks

In simple terms, vanity sinks are sinks fitted with a table or cabinet vanity. Offering you plenty of storage options below; it is often used in spacious bathrooms like the master bathroom or even in suites. Giving you a furniture-like ooze; this type can accommodate various types of sinks like undermount, self-rimming, vessel,   and others. However, all would be fitted with the counter table.

  • The vessel sinks

A very modern and contemporary style; it is a hot favorite among newly made homes. The sink here needs to take vessel or basin form and thus can be crafted from plenty of materials like the glass, crystal, marble, stone, mosaic, or others. 

You also have the pedestal sink, anddd semi-pedestal sink to choose from. The right sink would not only complement your bathroom décor but would be highly functional for years to come.