Change your preferences to more environment-friendly options


The resources of the earth are ending very fast, like for example coal, natural gasses, fossil oil, etc. So it is high time that you shift towards renewable energy sources but it is not an easy step to take on but what you can do is by taking small steps such as putting led lights in your house, this will help you to save electricity that is produced by means of non renewable sources such as coal or large hydro projects. In Thailand, Thinklite a leading manufacturer of led and green environment-friendly company has launched a variety of led lamps and tubes to help the common people with energy consumption.

Thinklite, the future of LED, is here

Thinklite is already a big name in the light and led manufacturing industry, and they have tied up with Samsung industries to help developing new chipsets and parts for their new collections of the lamp (โคมไฟ, which is the term in Thai) and led lights. Thinklite has made sure that the electricity consumption of their LEDs and tubes are minimal so that the household can save money on the electricity bill side and also they have made development in the lights itself so that you can get maximum candela with a minimal amount to pay for it. Apart from these advantages, 

Thinklite has made development in heat accumulation within the led bulb itself they have accomplished it developing a new A1 LED chip which circulates the electricity so that the heat does not which makes the led last longer. All the LEDs from Thinklite has a warranty period of 5 years. Thus if you are in Thailand and thinking of renovating your house into a green environment-friendly house then take the first step by bringing home Thinklite LEDs.