After a windstorm look for these common damage clues


If you’re expecting or have experienced high winds, you may have experienced some unknown roof damage. The key is in knowing what to look for to make sure everything is okay. Even if the storm didn’t cause rain or hail, that doesn’t mean your roof was not damaged.

In a windstorm, there are items flying through the air that could compromise the integrity of your roof. These are a few factors to look for once the storm is over:

  • Corners and perimeter

These are some main areas that sustain wind damage during a storm. Check these first to determine if things look a little questionable.

These could get clogged during a windstorm. It’s best to inspect them after and clean them out if there is a lot of debris present.

  • Shingles

Do a quick inspection to see if any shingles are loose or have blown away. If some are missing, this could cause a peeling effect if not repaired.

If the roof is not inspected after a windstorm and damage is present, the integrity of the structure could become severely compromised, causing additional damage to the underlay. In the event you have to replace your roof, a metal roof should be a consideration.

Speaking to a Storm damage restoration contractor minneapolis mn about metal roof cost estimates can give you a ballpark of what you may be facing, and how it may be your best decision. The first course of action after an informal inspection should always be to call a professional.