Everything seems pleasant when you are healthy:


Health is the greatest wealth. People don’t realize the importance of a thing until they lose it. Health is like such a blessing that is not regarded until lost. All the joys and pleasures of this world mean nothing to an unhealthy person. He feels as a burden on others. The world has realized the importance of health. Today, such inventions are encouraged that have healthy effects on the environment. Eco-friendly devices are being used at a higher rate. Cars are being made that use electricity for functioning. This tells us about the importance of health. Nothing is beautiful in this world if you are unhealthy.

What is an ultraviolet germicidal wave?

There are three different types of ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet germicidal or UV-C is one of them. It has amazing properties. Thus, it is being used at a higher rate. It has the ability to kill virus, bacteria, and pathogens. This property can certainly cut off the transmission of diseases. Actually, the use of Uvc lamp [หลอด UVC, which is the term in Thai] is more appreciated because no chemical is used in the whole process. Use of chemicals also carries many side effects. Thus, it is recommended to use chemicals only when there is no other solution. Using these modern lamps is a more sensible approach. 

What are the benefits of germicidal lamps?

There are many benefits to using germicidal lamps. Some are listed below:

  • A germicidal lamp can be used to kill bacteria or pathogens in the water. Thus, installing the lamps in the water storage devices is much beneficial.
  • These lamps are also used to keep the food clean and preserved.
  • These lamps are also used in hospitals. In hospitals, there are different patients and some patients have diseases that spread by air or touch. Thus, the use of these lamps reduces the chances of spreading viral diseases.
  • At large scale, these lamps are used in industries. SterilAire provides high-quality UVC lamps. These lamps are being used for various purposes.