8 Basics of modern kitchen design you need to know


Modern kitchens are beautiful, elegant and highly functional. There is a lot of focus on the efficient use of open space with neat placement of all the elements. Several elements in the modern kitchen design are placed thoughtfully for efficient use of every inch of space and maximizing ease and comfort for you. With increasing intricacy of the designs, the processes are also evolved for effective implementation. Professional designers offer 3D modeling for clear visualization of the design and better envisioning the final picture at the initial stages. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or constructing a new one from scratch, here are some basics of the modern designs which you should know before setting off. 

  • Island designing

Kitchens can be planned to include spaces for preparation, cooking, and eating by designing one island for each. You can decide which platforms you want to include. This will determine the number and design of islands in your kitchen. Make sure that your cooking space is well separated from the other platforms.

  • Walkways are important

Walkways are crucial for an easy and clutter-free cooking experience. Too narrow spaces would result in a claustrophobic and suffocated space. Make sure that your space is wide enough to allow you to move freely and quickly in your kitchen area and make it look spacious and light.

  • Ditch the block cabinet doors

All wood designs with doors and drawers created with heavy blocks can be boring sometimes. What with all the wood variants out there; 100% water resistant Parquet wood, or Grey Vinyl Flooring can really spark the place to life. In your modern kitchen, you can replace them with glass doors and display shelves to break the monotony. Add windows to allow natural light and air in your kitchen to keep it fresh.

  • Consider the height of appliances

Modern kitchen designs are extremely thoughtful about small details. These designs consider the height of your appliances to ensure there is enough room for them. For instance, you need to have a space for a microwave that can accommodate it and give additional space to let go of heat released during its function. Also if you want your kid to be able to reach the microwave you have to keep it at a proper height that is approachable to them.

  • Interesting coloring

A modern feature kitchen allows you to play with shades. You can pick dark shades, stripe colors or neutral hues. You can pick colors based on your overall home design and personal liking. Make sure that the colors are balanced and make cooking a soothing experience.

  • Incorporate updated elements

Modern kitchens are all about keeping clean and comfortable. There are many small elements like which are added to make them more functional, tidy and convenient. You get hidden outlets, clear and clean spaces, customized storage, under-cabinet lights to give your kitchen practical and graceful.

  • Pick sleek hardware

Contemporary kitchens include sleek minimalistic hardware. Knobs are replaced by pulls and bonze accessories are replaced by silver. Stainless steel is also a major material choice in bringing a seamless smoothness and flow in your kitchen area.

  • Playful backsplash

Backsplashes are often overlooked in traditional kitchens. In modern kitchens, people are more inclined towards playful fun backsplash styles like metallic tiles and colorful glasses. These add more character and project your personality in your kitchen.