The Simplest Way To Install Granite Countertops


Granite might be a hard, igneous rock which may be reduce different shapes and could be an ideal material to create countertops. It isn’t just beautiful, but additionally durable and resistance against heat. Granite countertops unquestionably really are a luxurious addition for almost any bathroom or kitchen. They are available in many beautiful along with other designs available.

Formerly, it absolutely was advised to employ a specialist for installing a granite countertop. Now, most companies offer DIY granite countertops kits you are able to install yourself. Listed here are a couple of steps to construct a granite countertop on your own:

– When your cabinets sit up and securely moored for your floor and walls, use craft paper to think about exact measure for the countertop. You need to include personally half inch overhang for that edges that’s facing the cabinets. Granite countertops are available in many styles and colors. You have to pick one while using general design and style with the cooking and shade from the cupboards and flooring. Buy a countertop either from your store or also order one online.

– Cut plywood to enhance on the top within the cupboards to assist the duty inside the granite. You need to make certain the plywood is square and level. Then, use pilot holes to screw the plywood in place to prevent it from cracking.

– Granite might be a heavy stone and may break otherwise handled properly. You are receiving assistance in lifting the counter to produce it on the top of the cabinet. Make certain the countertop matches the cupboard.

– Next, get rid of the granite creating a pilot hole inside the mark sink cutout getting a drill. Make use of a jigsaw to produce a hole for that sink. Install the sink properly and make sure are put properly.

– Next thing, level the seams for that slabs. It is necessary that the seams are absolutely leveled before gluing. Use screws beneath the plywood to produce adjustments to the top level inside the granite.

– Apply silicone within the edges inside the plywood every six to 1 feet. Seal the granite by lounging a bead of caulk within the periphery inside the sink along with the top sink. Fix the granite slab in place to make sure the seams are tightly matched.