4 Flooring Options for Kitchen You Must Consider When Renovating


Choosing the ideal flooring for your kitchen is a tough cookie to crack. After all, flooring takes away a major chunk of your kitchen remodeling budget. There are many factors to consider when considering the look of your kitchen and that entails the kitchen flooring as well. Here are the flooring options you can consider from when it comes to kitchen remodeling with Cuisines Modena.

  • Laminate flooring

Nowadays laminates are on a rise and this option is appealing for those who prefer the look of the wood at a cheap rate. Laminate floors are long lasting and easy to clean and maintain. You don’t need to mop it well to clean them. When you don’t install these floorings properly, they may look cheap. Also, laminates are not meant for places prone to moisture or water damage. Many people find laminate flooring noisy, but they can be installed quickly.

  • Hardwood flooring

Wood flooring has been a famous choice for kitchen flooring since quite a while. People love the look of wood and the flooring is also not cold for the feet as well. It is a quieter flooring option of all the options. Appropriately installed hardwood flooring is long lasting and easy to clean. This flooring can also be sanded and refinished when needed, hence helps in extending its life span too. 

  • Cork flooring

When it comes to green kitchen renovation, this is the flooring option you are looking for. It is an ecofriendly product that gives away muffled sound due to its insulation and acoustical features. This flooring is also soft and comfortable on legs and feet. It is also water proof and resilient that makes it ideal for kitchen and high traffic areas. Appropriately installed cork flooring tends to last for long when it is well maintained. All you need to do is vacuum it on a regular basis and mop it with a damp mop with 1 part vinegar and 4 parts water. Another option is to use the wood floor soap.

  • Vinyl plank flooring

This has been new in the flooring business and is ideal for kitchen and places with high moisture. This flooring is water resistant, long lasting and looks like real hardwood flooring, only it is vinyl. It also doesn’t make much noise and is comfortable for your feet as well.