Four house interior design mistakes to avoid


Does your wardrobe cause any embarrassment? Garments piled on one another like a smashed can. Shoes stacked in the corner of the room. No space above the top shelf or single closet rod. Desperately trying to get dressed on time, but can’t find your favourite or choice of shirt to start of a good day.

Getting ready can always seems like a stress, when you have not arranged closet in a manner that’s supposed to be. How can you get over this mess? You should invest your time in arranging the clothes, accessories in an orderly manner, but if your closet itself isn’t aligned properly, there is no point in wasting your time. The key to solve such messy design is to get a functional or custom closet that can fix the issue. Recognize the bad design to make a plan to redesign and below are some common mistakes in wardrobe design that you can avoid.

Not using the available space properly

One of the main mistakes that many commit is that they fail to utilize the existing space to avail the maximum benefit. When designing your closet, make every inch count, be it the vertical area or full height of the wall, so that you can use the entire space. Opt for custom plan by including hanging rods, adjustable shelving, so that even odd spaces can be used in the appropriate way.One of the surest way you can optimise your home space well, along with design, is to get a professional interior design company such as

Not using the room corners well

Many fail to recognize room corners as an asset, while making the design layout. Always look for the whole unit wall designs, so that every corner can be utilised. For example, if you’ve door covering the wardrobes, then consider having a sliding door unit, so that the corners don’t go waste.  Shelve should be made functional, leaving enough space between the partitions, allowing you to get easy access to the items. When corner is bordered by drawers or shelves, consider adding a radius corner shelf to get the most benefit.

Not considering options 

The home interior has been evolved and every homeowner wants to get customizable and practical solutions for their storage purposes. You may be surprised to know that there can be plenty of options for your closet that matches with your lifestyle, preference, and needs.  Just because a carpenter or agency whom you know pretty well isn’t offering you the best solution, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it from outside. You can have a bunch of style accessories in the closet, while making it look simple and organized. For instance, slide-out baskets, shelf dividers, drawers, valet pole, jewellery trays, and pull-out racks help you to keep your stuffs separated and arranged in a systemic way. Opt for commercial grade panels and high-end finishes that are supported by a limited lifetime warranty.

The wardrobe design should be taken seriously and plan it right by avoiding the above mistakes; implement the good strategies as explained can fix your problem once and for all. Take assistance of design professionals to get you a custom plan.