Various Types of Bottoms for Your Swimming Pool to Choose From


Usually, we choose the same material to build the bottom of the pool that we have selected to make its sides for. It helps create a unified design and make the pool more appealing visually and also clean pool by best suction pool cleaner . However, the material selected should be robust enough to withstand active play, water pressure, and sun exposure. Thus, you must select durable and long-lasting materials. Few options are:

  • Vinyl

A popular option, vinyl liners are often used as a single solid piece which eliminates any possibilities of cracks and seams that lead to leakage. They are also affordable than most other materials. They are highly comfortable to walk on and can be easily fitted in any shape and size of the pool. It forms non-porous liner which helps eliminate issues of bacteria, mold or algae between the structure and the liner.  They can last up to fifteen years but are vulnerable to damage caused by tree limbs and roughhousing.

  • Concrete

Concrete pools are another popular choice despite it being slightly high-maintenance. However, the material is highly popular as liners as well. It is because they facilitate excellent creativity. They can be used in any shape and size. Concrete liners can be easily painted and facilitate creating work of art on the floor and even on walls to add some bespoke style and an extra touch of luxury. The best paint to be used for the purpose is generally a rubberized paint or an epoxy one.

  • Pebble and aggregate liners

Liners of this material are ideal for those who do not want a slippery surface. It creates a surface with stones slightly protruding from the surface. Because of it, the surface is slightly rough, but it does not hurt the feet in any manner. This liner looks exceptionally beautiful and sparkling when sunshine falls on it.

You have a variety of other liner options like fiberglass, tile, vermiculite, etc. You can choose any that suits you best.