Tips to buy property in Koh Samui

Real Estate

First of all, you have to ask yourself what you are looking for. Because there are many types of Real estate in Koh Samui which we will give an example as follows

Investment property – is one that you must not live in. To buy this type of property is to bring profit to you. It must be in the tourist area (Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut) and near the sea. This is the best option.

Getting compensation depends on your self service, such as Airbnb, and Agoda, etc. You can choose to use a real estate management company. Can help manage things for you which will charge a 10%

Commission. This commission is equal to the general self service, in which you are supervised by a 24 hour face-to- face broker to ensure that your real estate is most rented out to bring good profits to you.

Semi-residential real estate, semi-investment – is a property that you can use and live. The more you make the more profits you bring. We suggest schedules for staying during the monsoon season on Koh Samui. (October and November) or the low season will begin in April and June.

It is a good time for anyone who likes to come to Koh Samui to relax.

Most real estate companies can specify specific qualifications for Real estate that must have the right balance between being close to tourist attractions while being quiet for long-term living.

In addition to the house that is suitable for tourists at the same time, must enjoy the long-term stay as well.

You must remember that many investors choose semi-residential Real estate in Koh Samui. The first investment is to rent their house for the purpose of Retirement home. This type of property is good source of income.

Important things to consider when going to buy property in Koh Samui

  • The house plan is correct for tourists
  • It must be near tourist attractions and the sea
  • Must not very far away from tourist attraction
  • Must of reasonable rates

So if you planning to buy real estate in Koh Samui, it is good to take help of property management consultant.