5 Incredible Benefits of Sending Direct Mail Postcards in Real Estate

Real Estate

Direct mail marketing is alive and flourishing even in the age of digital media. And if that claim seems far-fetched, here are some statistics to support it. About 70% of customers prefer receiving their mails directly rather than digitally, while their open rate is about 90%. About 42% read the mail they receive. 

Although this type of marketing involves letters, envelopes, and catalogs, postcards deliver the best results. But what makes direct mail postcards so effective, and why should you consider using them, especially if you are in real estate? 

While digital marketing techniques like paid search ads, social media campaigns, and online display ads have their uses, they don’t always provide the intended results. For example, most older people still prefer the traditional method of communication to text messages and emails.

In the real estate industry, a significant part of the outcome depends on the number of people you contact. The larger the recipient market, the better your chances of gathering new leads, establishing yourself as an expert, and creating brand awareness. 

But what are the other reasons behind using postcards for the property business, and why should you consider it? Read on to find out.

  • The recipient will likely read the message

Just think of the many times you have deleted an email because it appeared spammy. Or you instinctively deleted a text message because it was annoying. Most people hardly bother reading digital messages or emails, which, unsurprisingly, have lower click-through rates.

Mail postcards do not have such cases. Since the recipient has a physical copy in their hands, the chances of reading it are pretty high. They will decide whether to keep or throw the card after browsing its contents.

  • Helps you reach the targeted audience

Postcards help you reach the targeted audience through a process called geo-farming. It refers to the process of identifying a neighborhood, group of people, suburb, or clustered as your target area.

Once you find that, you can send the postcards to the target audience, as they are more interested in opportunities related to the real estate market. 

  • Establish yourself as a local expert

Sending postcards also helps you establish yourself as a local expert with adequate knowledge of the local property market. Buyers and sellers prefer working with a local expert rather than an outsider because they can understand the people’s requirements of that area.

For example, buyers prefer local property dealers because they are updated with the latest trends and can help them buy properties. As an outsider, you will need some time to win the confidence of the local buyers and sellers. 

  • Helps build brand awareness

A postcard has sufficient space for inserting a photo, your company’s motto, listing, and related details. Even though building brand awareness with postcards might take time, it is highly effective when sent at regular intervals. One way of doing this is repeatedly sending multiple postcards to the same people.

The recipients might discard your cards a few times because of such a way, but as they become familiar with your face, company, etc., they may contact you eventually. Some might also contact you immediately after receiving your card, particularly if they are in a hurry to buy or sell a property. 

  • Hiring a company to help you out

You could consider hiring a company specializing in direct mail marketing postcards to help you select the right one for your business, including the size, design, and template. They might even have an integrated mail tracking system that lets you track the postcards on their mailing journey. 

You should consider sending direct mail postcards for your real estate business to connect with the target audience, build brand awareness, and enjoy high follow-through. Once you become acquainted with the process, it will deliver the desired results.