The Most Important and Essential Instruction on Garage Door Safety

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Garage doors in the majority of houses operate through similar principles which normally open by moving up and move down when closing. The opener of the garage door generally placed in the centre of the garage enables the garage door to move up and down. Above all, the springs that run across the entire length of the garage doors, perform the key function in reducing the weight of the garage doors without which the opener motor would never the ability to take up the so heavy garage doors while opening it. The garage doors are normally the largest moving objects in a house. The modern overhead garage door processes of opening systems functions with several safety-features further protecting the members of the house particularly the pets and children from possible injuries sometimes accidental deaths caused by malfunctioning or misuse of the garage doors. Contact Premium Garage Door installation for maximum safety of your garage doors.

The automatic reversal system in the garage door opener is the first safety measure or feature in a modern garage door. While automatically closing the door, if an object or any solid obstruction comes across the way of the door which ultimately slows down or stops the movement of the door, the door should automatically stop and get back to its open position. This feature ensuring the safety of the people or pets has been made mandatory by the US consumer product safety commission since 1991. This protection measure is essentially important because the springs as well as the opener gets degraded over a time of period and sometimes do not function as per the processes. Therefore, in order to avoid serious consequences, one needs to test the functions of the necessary safety measures particularly the above-mentioned feature occasionally.

You can test the safety feature by placing a solid object, for example, a board measuring 2 by 4 and confirming whether the door stops and returns back to its opening position. You must never carry out the test by placing yourself or anybody else’s body. After placing the board or any other solid object in the place of movement, press the closing button. Eventually, the garage door should close the movement as it comes in contact with the obstructing material and immediately reverse back to its open position and stops the entire function.

If you are operating an automatic garage door system, it is very necessary for you to test the safety measure time to time to ensure the safety of your family members as well as your pets.