3 Ways To Spray A Paint Correctly

Home Decoration

You, who will retouch your walls and enjoy the efficient and economical ” do it yourself “, cannot miss our tips on how to spray coat. More Info can be obtained at http://www.duraspraycoatings.ie/.

How To Choose The Ink

Both spray and multipurpose paint are excellent choices for painting, mainly if a background product is first applied. What should be taken into consideration is the consistency of the colour and the colour of the decoration of the environment.

There are variations, such as metallic or matte paint, which help to emphasize the other colours, as well as different calibrations in the can, which allow more or less full applications. This thickness is known as the application pattern.

More expensive paints require fewer coats. Do an excellent cost-benefit survey and choose the one that best fits your needs.

How To Prepare The Environment

First, use sandpaper to level the surface where the spray will be applied. Then clean the wall thoroughly, removing stains and dust.

Apply a primer product, such as primer or latex paint, to ensure that there is no interference from previous paint wear. Consult the label for the time required for drying before applying the primer coat.

Test spray paint on a disposable surface to avoid surprises with regulating can pressure or undesirable colours.

Use safety accessories, such as masks and goggles, not to inhale the loose powder in the chemical reaction. So that it does not soil the floor, cover it with newspaper and isolate the furniture and objects with old clothes. If necessary, tape in corners and crevices.

How To Make The Application

Stand approximately 30 cm from the wall to achieve a satisfactory finish.

Apply thin layers of paint. The first should be even lighter than the second to ensure uniform colour.

Use the back and forth movement from top to bottom or from left to right. It will also help in the uniformity of application.

To stylize your wall with stencils, print an internet drawing or make your own and cut out the image on a piece of cardboard, about 20cm more on each side, to prevent the paint from sticking to the wall.

Begin from the outside of the mould, passing over and ending on the other side. In the range of applications, shake the spray tube to keep the ink mixture fresh. Apply the second paint after two hours.

At the end of the painting, store the tube upside down and press the valve until only gas comes out. It is possible to avoid clogging the bottle and to use it again.

Here is the explanatory video :