Everything You Need To Know About Vacuum Pump


Way back in 1650, Otto von Guericke invented a vacuum pump which has the main function of removing gas molecules from a sealed or confined space or volume and leaves the space of volume partially or fully vacuum. The basic methodology used in the vacuum pump is to pull out all the air or gasses from a confined space to keep the space without any air molecules or gasses. Eventually, this machine is used for various purposes like sealing, cleaning etc. Get in touch with LeDab for your entire vacuum pump related requirements and services.

The functions or performance of a vacuum pump is measured by its pumping speed. The pump’s volume flow rate in the inlet is the reference of the pump speed which is measured by the volume per unit of time. The volume flow rate varies depending on the chemical composition of the gas that remains in the chamber. Throughput is another factor to measure performance. Throughput is the number of molecules pumped out of the chamber per unit time at a constant temperature.

The vacuum pump by removing the air from the enclosed and confined space creates a vacuum. In the process of air evacuation, the input energy of a shaft which goes on rotating, get converted to pneumatic energy. The vacuum pump is normally used in different scientific and medical purposes in industries like chemicals, sugar mills, pulp and paper, power plants, cement, pharmaceuticals, automobile industries etc. The vacuum pump is also used in producing electric lamps and tubes, medical processes that need suction.

Besides the above usages of vacuum pump, it is also used in instruments which analyse gas, solid, surface, bio-materials and liquids; in the processing of semiconductors like dry etching, ion implantation, deposition of PECVD, PVD, CVD, ALD, electron microscopy.

The vacuum pump is a necessary equipment in medical applications in relation to radiotherapy, radio pharmacy, radiosurgery and ophthalmic coating. Another field where the vacuum coating and engineering are very much needed for decoration, energy saving and durability. The vacuum pump is necessarily used in glass coating, and in mass spectrometers that create a high level of ultra-vacuum between the ion source and detector. It is also very much useful in sewage systems and in trash compacting.

There are three basic types of vacuum pumps; (1) positive displacement pumps, (2) molecular pumps or momentum transfer pumps, and entrapment pumps. The entrapment pumps are further classified as the single cone, liquid ring, chemical process and close couple pump.