Renovating Your Bathroom to Include a Sauna


Visiting the gym for a sauna moment can be pretty expensive. Did you know you can renovate your bathroom to have a sauna in your home? Yes, it’s practical and you can have it installed inside the bathroom or even at the garden or the basement. Bathroom renovation trends on Sydney’s wealthy lower north shore and most people have a feeling that building one in the bathroom is an impossibility; however, with some smart ideas, it’s possible to save on costs by following the tips below.

Choose the ideal location

Before installing a Sauna, you need to select the perfect spot in your bathroom that will protect is from moisture damage and ensure it is well insulated for maximum performance. If you choose a wood burner, you should be able to redirect a flue safely so that fire fumes can escape easily. Ensure there is ample ventilation to allow for air to flow smoothly.  You may need to pay closer attention to fixtures since plastic and metals can really burn. You can select an area where it is safe and ensure you use ceramics and wood. If you choose infrared installation, the temperature will be kept low, and there will be proper positioning of the heaters.

Insulating your bathroom

If it’s the first time you are installing a sauna, you can choose cotton insulation since it is eco-friendly. However, fiberglass may not be safe to use. Also, ensure there is a vapor barrier in case you prefer a steam sauna.Bathroom renovation trends on Sydney’s wealthy lower north shore by use of aluminum foil which is cheaper and will not also melt, unlike plastic. You can tack the materials into the wall by use of aluminum tape and ensure the edges and seams are well protected.

Actual construction

Steam saunas are made from cedar wood since it does not expand or crack when it’s hot. Also, it is easy to install and does not decay or rot. It has different grades, and proprietary, and the standard is the best option for paneling. Infrared saunas involve the use of pipe paneling, which is cheaper and easier to find. You can also recycle and ensure the wood is not treated by the use of chemicals. Nails should be adequately covered as they can cause bruises or injuries.  If you choose a wood burning stove, it is essential to fireproof your walls and the roof to prevent burning.

The seating space

Metal is not ideal for a hot environment since it can burn. However, a wooden bench is a perfect solution. You can have a simple DIY or use a professional to make one for use. Ensure it is comfortable and the wood should not be treated.

Installation if the wood burning stove

You can make a wood burning stove from an old gas canister. It is much cheaper, unlike bathroom renovation trends on Sydney’s wealthy lower north shore. However, ensure this is done by a professional.


The stones where your sauna will sit should be dark minerals like granite. To ensure there is constant humidity, you can use soap stones which maintain heat for long. Use of essential oils is therapeutic.