Four Kinds of Wooden Fences


Wooden fencing can improve the overall appeal of your home and is easy to build. Constructing wooden fencing requires basic tools and materials as well as simple carpentry knowledge. While a wood fence is quite simple, it’s important to use the right wood for your fence. Using untreated or faulty wood can result in fences that will begin to offer issues very quickly. If you want a wooden fence that lasts a very long time, choose a well-designed fence made with the right type and quality of wood. Woodspec should be able to give some options for treated wood you can use for your project. Also, remember that the wood to use will depend on your desired fence style, so make sure to seek professional advice. Below are wooden fencing options most suppliers can give you:

Picket Fences

Picket fences don’t provide much privacy or protection; however, they look charming. Usually, they are used more for decorative purposes than for protection or privacy. These short fences are built with pickets, evenly spaced apart and attached to a horizontal wood panel. Also, they can be used for surrounding a vegetable or flower patch in your garden.

Lattice Fences

These fences are built by crisscrossing thin wood panels in a lattice shape. Most people use them for screens and creeping gardens. Because they use less wood in construction, they tend to be less expensive than other options. Sometimes, they are used for border fencing between properties but they are usually built with stronger posts and slats as lattice fences tend to be quite delicate.  Lattice fences are quite attractive, particularly when plants or flowers have attached to them. 

Board on Board Fences

These fences are the most sturdy border fence to use. They offer the maximum amount of protection and privacy as they are built b overlapping vertical wood panels or slats. When building them, even spacing is left on the front of the fence between panels and an alternate panel is placed at the back of the fence to cover the space up. 

Concave Fences

This type of fences is built by putting various size wood panels vertically directly next to each other. This is done to form a slight curve that goes downwards from one point to the next. As a result, a type of bunting silhouette is formed along the fence’s top. The silhouette is secured with panels put horizontally across the fence.