Looking at Different Shower and Bathtub Options


It isn’t until you decide to renovate your bathroom, that you start to realize just how many options there are when it comes to buying bathtubs and showers. Once you start looking online for inspiration you may very well be overwhelmed by the range of materials and styles which you can buy. The choice between shower and bathtub, as well as which style to choose within each category will be dictated by the space you have to play with, as well as the budget you have to spend. Here are some of the main choices you will find under each category.

Shower Options:


A shower cubicle is the most popular shower type and within this category, there are several different enclosures which you can decide upon, depending on the space you have in the bathroom. There are angled, rectangular and curved cubicles which feature a main basin and then a doorway. Materials are generally glass and fiberglass and, in many cases, they can be custom made for your space.

  • Wet room

Wet room designs are open shower units with slightly angled flooring which allows the water to drain easily. These are ideal for people with mobility issues or those with ample bathroom space (due to their length).

  • In-Bath

Tub-shower combos are popular for those with limited bathroom space who want both a shower and a bath. Generally, the standing area of the shower will be a bit wider than the rest of the tub and there is usually a screen fitted to prevent water spilling onto the floor.

Another consideration here will also be the type of shower unit you buy. There are many options available from basic showers to rain showers or waterfall showers to body showers, which feature multiple shower heads along the side of the cubicle. Prices range drastically for these different shower types and the decision will come down to taste and budget.


  • Corner

Corner bathtubs are designed to slot into the corner of a room to maximize space in the room. Because of the triangular design the tub itself, it normally has less capacity and individuals with long legs may struggle to relax in this type of bathtub.

  • Drop In

Drop-in tubs are supported on all sides by the rim and they can be both inserted into the floor, or into a raised platform. Prices for these tubs range between $900 and $2,000 for a more specific design.


A freestanding bathtub can look ornate and become a real centerpiece for your bathroom. These tubs have feet underneath them to support the tub and they are generally the most expensive option when it comes to buying a new tub.

  • Alcove

Alcove tubs are the most popular design and they are designed to fit into a 3-sided alcove in the bathroom. These tubs have only one side which is finished, as the other sides are set against the brickwork. Prices for these tubs range between $400 to $1,900.

This is only a brief insight into some of the choices you will face when shopping for a shower remodelers des moines ia or bathtub replacement wilkes barre pa for your bathroom. Make sure to keep some of these in mind when trying to find which styles will fit in best in your bathroom.