Innovative trends in hotel interior design to watch out for


It’s common for people to check for online recommendations and reviews before booking a restaurant, hotel, or any kind of service. People have set of high expectations when it comes to hotel stays and having the good review, in terms of services, designs, and layout can get you more business.

Impressing the guests in terms of hotel designsis not easy! Hoteliers should step up their games, rethinking about the design, updating the look and feel of their locations. Authenticity, eco-consciousness, wellness, and high-tech, etc are among the top trends being implemented by both independent and chain of hotel companies.

Reflecting the nature beauty

Key design trend that every expert should consider is that reflectingbeauty ofnatural world and environment that a hotel offers. Your business brand should celebrate the sustainable architecture, eco-conscious design. The landscape design should feature the imperfections of natural materials and raw beauty. Glass, marble, brick, wood, and stone sourced from local dealers can be blended with original and nature inspired concrete ceilings and riveted steel beams. The floor design can have artistic appeal, using repurposed resources like acorns or penny nails, while the guest room can have terrariums.

Offering personalised experiences

The hotel interiors should be creative in tailoring the experiences that a guest prefers, rather than offering plain services or amenities. Personalising the room set can help to create captivating experiences that modern guest expects. The hyper-personalized room décor can engage guests by providing authentic experiences in every space and service.

Homely feel

The days of matching furniture and design in every hotel room are gone, but demand for making rooms feel like a home continues to grow. The central living area in the room should be made flexible, allowing the guests to create their own place, if they need.Replicating residential elementsin terms of layout and design possibilities can offer homely touch. Home-style kitchenettes can offer more personalized experience that many guests like.

Modular meeting spaces

The functionality and design of meeting spaces should be aligned with the latest technologies. Designers should take the modular design approaches, keeping in mind of factors such as connectivity, flexibility, and versatility that bringpeople together in a relaxed environment.

For 2020, new perks and features such as digital concierges, unique dining, high-tech accommodation, and nature inspired designs are some rising trends in the hospitality industry.

Keeping these trends in mind, Lipari Design has built some hotel interiors that offer exotic textures and personalised experiences for hotel guests.