What Are The Different Kinds Of Windows And Doors To Buy?


When replacing doors and windows in the home, it can be a little intimidating to be asked what door or window one wants to have installed. Not knowing which options there are and what they are can end up costing time and money. To be able to skip ahead of the explanation in person, here’s a quick summary of what different windows and doors are out there:

The most common type of windows that are seen in people’s homes are the sash and slider styles. Sash windows are the types that have two panels of glass on top of each other. Those panels of glass are called sashes and can be moved vertically, up and down. The other common type of window is the slider style. These are like a sash window on their side. Sliders have two or more panels of windows that sit next to each other and “slide” horizontally. The advantages of these windows are that they are easy to use and hard to break! They’re also more friendly to air conditioners. The disadvantages are greater heat loss during the winter and the sash windows can be more difficult to lift for seniors and children.

Then there are casement windows. These are the ones that swing horizontally outwards from turning a crank. They are some of the best, most insulated windows and they also are better for air circulation. The disadvantage is that a lot can go wrong with them, resulting in breakage.

Fixed windows are not seen as often and are used for getting that great view, but they do not open. These ten to be large windows like picture windows, but can also be smaller as well. The advantage to these windows is that they are great for insulation, but they don’t open, meaning that they aren’t great during hot, summer days.

When it comes to doors, it’s more about what used to make them really than a different style. To start off there is the traditional, wooden door. They have a nice, classic look, and are most commonly used as outside access doors. Paneled doors are usually made of wood and have decorative paneling. These doors are charming and stylish. They are primarily used indoors and are a bit more expensive.

Flush doors are made of plywood or fiberboard and are light and smooth. They are also an interior door and are considered very affordable. Glass doors are usually seen on the inside of homes or are patio doors for easy backyard access. They are also heavy and expensive.

Steel doors are incredibly durable and can also be quite stylish. They are most commonly seen as exterior doors as they are great for added security. Exterior doors are also more commonly being seen as being made of fiberglass and fiber-reinforced plastic, both of which are durable and offer good insulation. Finally, aluminum doors are also available for use for outdoor access. They are relatively inexpensive and lightweight.