How To Beautify Your Balcony


People are living inindependent apartments of cities with overlooking beautiful scenery and decorated greenery. But, in order to beautify your balcony, first you need to pay attention to few key elements such as balcony design, space available, balcony shape etc. Today, there are so many balcony designs that are available, fancy ones such as the Victorian design or even the simple balcony designs which you find in most of housing apartments. The space available is also very important because it decides how exactly you are going to decorate your balcony.

Now, given below are tips on how to make your balcony look beautiful and comfortable.

Tip 1: Define Your Balcony With Greenery

One of the simplest ways to make your balcony look beautiful is by decorating it with plants. You have to be a plant person to this. Plants naturally add a lot of life and colour to the balcony, making your balcony space look lively. But, at the same time it very important to ensure that you don’t cramp up your balcony space. If you don’t have a good balcony space, then you can put some small plants in both the corners of the balcony. You can also put some hooks on the walls, and hang the plants in small baskets that you can find in any home décor shop.

Tip 2: Make A Seating Area

 Depending on your balcony space, make yourself a comfortable seating area there. If you have big enough balcony, put a table also, where you can enjoy an early morning or an evening tea while looking out at the scenery. Also, pay attention to the balcony design, which will also decide how you plan your seating space. If your balcony design ideas is a plain and simple design, then you can pep it up with some colourful cushions, rugs etc. But for instance, if your balcony design is an elegant Victorian style, then remember to get some Victorian style small table and chairs, which will add up to the vibe.

Tip 3: Hang A Hammock

In case, you don’t have any space to create a sitting place for yourself and your friend, then a quick solution can be to hang a hammock. It is one of the most comfortable places to relax at with a book in your hand, on a sunny day. However, be very careful with the hammock and ensure that they are properly hung and at a good distance from the railing.

Tip 4: Decorate Your Wall

If you want to make your balcony look colourful, then add a pop of colour to it. If you have a white wall, which make your balcony look dull, you can add some colours like yellow or red, which will liven up the balcony and the sun rays falling on it, will also look good. In case, you don’t want to paint your wall, you can decorate it in different ways, such as by hanging baskets of plants, or some wall painting or even putting up a Bohemian Cloth with a beautiful design, which will give your balcony a Bohemian vibe and make it look good.

Tip 5: Don’t Clutter

You might have thought a lot of how to decorate your balcony space and you brain must be flooded with zillions of ideas. But, there is no need to implement all these ideas. If the balcony space isn’t much, the usually avoid creating a sitting are and instead decorate it with plants and wall decorations. Don’t try to implement the idea of creating a sitting area along with plants, because the end result will be your balcony look messy and cramped up.

Tip 6: Privacy

In case, your balcony is attached to that of your neighbour and you feel that you are unable to get some privacy to yourself, we are ready with a solution. Today in most of the small housing apartments, balconies are attached because which the sense of privacy doesn’t really remain in place. You can ensure your privacy, by planting a big bamboo plant or a Christmas plant in the area where the balcony is attached to that of the neighbour. This will not look too rude and will also allow you to enjoy your privacy.

Tip 7: Weather Proofing

You can always protect your balcony from extreme weather conditions. One can expect heavy rain falls and powerful sun rays which can ruin your balcony walls and also create a mess in your balcony. To avoid this, you can weather proof your balcony by blocking the sun and the rains with a fabric canopy which will prevent the rain from directly hitting your walls.

So, these are few of the basic tips that one can follow when it comes to beautifying your balcony space in your own sweet way!