How Do You Maintain HVAC?

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There is a need for proper maintenance of your HVAC. You need to always check your air conditioner every time to prevent it from damages especially during spring and summer.

In view of this, here are some simple steps you can take to maintain your HVAC:

1. Regular changing of filters

You need to replace the filters on your unit regularly. This is because the disposable filter keeps the system clean and also removes large particles from indoor air. It is necessary for you to always change the disposable filters every one to three months. For those with pets, you should be changing them more often.

It is advisable to choose a filter that is rated MERV 7-11. Anything bigger than the MERV 7-11 will reduce the airflow on the system, and this can add unnecessary strain to the system. Hence, the efficiency of the system will be lowered significantly. In a situation where you have an air purification system, keep to the manufacturer’s instructions anytime you want to change filters.

2. Cleaning of condensing unit

Most air conditioners come with an outdoor condensing unit coupled with a fan on top. This is designed to disperse heat during the summertime. Most times, each of the metal fins on the condensing unit gets blocked with dirt, grime, and pollen. Therefore, ensure you spray the outside of the unit each season. You can spray it with a water hose. To avoid damages to the unit, you must not use a pressure washer.

3. Visually check and make clearance around the outdoor unit

Carefully take away overgrown vegetation and build-up of leaves so that they would not interfere with the airflow of the outdoor unit. You may remove the trees or bushes around it so that there could be many clearances.

Besides, you can make the clearance about two feet around the unit. Constantly check if there are trees or bushes with excessive pollen. Notably, trees or bushes with excessive pollen can block the condensing units.

4. Constantly inspect the drain pan and evaporator coil’s drainpipe

You must always check the drainpipe of your HVAC system to clear every blockage of the mold or algae that might be there. You can use a wet-dry vacuum to clean every plugged up area. You can clean them with bleach too. If you do not know where the drain pipe is located, you can ask your service technician to show you.

5. Ensure you call a professional for constant maintenance

It is advisable to hire the service of a licensed professional for furnace maintenance wichita ks at least twice a year. The HVAC maintenance covers looking at the voltage, flushing of the coils, evaluating furnace operation, vacuuming the blower compartments, checking voltage on motors and loose wires, checking refrigerant levels in the air conditioning unit, and checking of drain pan and drainage system.

It is worthwhile to understand that the best time to service any air conditioning equipment is the spring while the fall is the best time to service heating equipment.

In conclusion, it is essential to cultivate a healthy maintenance culture if you want to prevent your air conditioning equipment from damages.