The Top 5 Types of Pests to Include on Your Watchlist in Your Workplace

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Did you know that pests can cause hazards to your health? These animals have a dangerous effect on humans, including their food and living conditions. These pests carry thousands of germs, parasites, and viruses, which badly require office cleaning services in Singapore. They should never come in contact with your food, eating equipment, and other surfaces, as it can cause bacteria buildup in your body.

If you notice any of these pests, it may be a warning sign that indicates the need for an office cleaning company in Singapore.


Rats and mice are two of the most common reasons most management seeks office cleaning in Singapore. These two can significantly damage your work environments, such as chewing on cords, stored files, papers, and other office items. They also transport bacteria through saliva, urine, faeces, and dead skin.


Cockroaches are one of the most annoying pests found in most workplaces. They appear just out of nowhere and all of a sudden. If you encounter one in the office, call for cleaning services in Singapore ASAP.

3. ANT

When your place, especially in the pantry, is full of crumbs or leftovers, the chances of ants invading your office increase. These pests are persistent and will do anything to invade your workplace.


Carpet beetles are oval-shaped pests that cause skin irritation and trigger allergy symptoms. Aside from vacuuming and washing, regular office carpet cleaning in Singapore can also help eradicate these pests.


Termites commonly come out when no human is around. You can only find these tiny pests in walls, windows, or doors. You can eliminate termite infestation in your work environment by pest control services or office cleaning in Singapore.

Without immediate action, these pests can cause massive obstruction in your workplace. If you want to eliminate the risks of these pests causing more damage in your office, get office cleaning services in Singapore.

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