Consider These 5 Features Before Buying a Smart Lock


Smart locks are the digital versions of the traditional locks. It has certain features that can benefit homeowners in many possible ways. Because of the popularity of the smart lock homeowners usually very eager to buy it. Most of the time they do not have proper knowledge about these locks. It could result in many problematic situations.  You can visit website of locksmiths for contacting professional locksmith service.

  1. Battery Life

Smart locks are electronic devices that is why most of the smart locks operate on either rechargeable lithium-ion or multiple double-A alkaline batteries. No matter what type of battery it uses it will notify you when the battery is low on power. When buying a smart lock the first thing to consider is its battery life. How long these batteries last? It normally depends on the smart lock features. Usually, these batteries last around three months or even a year. It is important to keep track of the battery life for the smart lock. If the battery life runs out it will cause many security features to stop working.

  1. Secondary Entry Options

One of the easiest methods to access a smart lock is by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi but these are not completely reliable. It is common for smart locks to sometimes have problems connecting with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is a potential problem that even the manufacturer company knows about. That is why there are some alternative ways to lock or unlock a smart lock. Along with the wireless unlocking system, most of the smart lock provides electronic or physical entry options. These options include PIN codes and physical keys. Some of the smart lock companies even provide a key fob device to their customers to unlock the door wirelessly even if he does not have a smartphone with them.

  1. Automatic Lock and Unlock

Most of the smart locks with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity provides a key or PIN-less entry through the door. In this feature, if you are carrying your smartphone, the smart lock will unlock automatically when you go a certain distance away and it will also automatically lock itself after a certain period of time. However, this certain distance is usually limited to around 30 feet and this function will only work from outside of the property. The smart locks which have a keypad security system usually do not allow automatic unlock system for sound security reasons. It prevents an intruder or thief from entering the property by using a lost or stolen smartphone.

  1. Guest Access

Letting an unexpected guest to the home while you are outside is the most difficult work with the traditional lock system. With the help of a smart lock guest access system, you can grant access to the home for any guest at any moment no matter where you are. Smart locks have the feature for you to assign keys for visitors to access your home while you are out. These visitors can be friends or family from out of town, service providers, delivery people, or anyone else. Using these feature you can grant anyone the key to access your home for a prescribed number of entries for a certain period of time. The smart locks with keypads allow you to assign temporary PIN codes it could be for a single entry or multiple entries. You can even restrict the user between a specific number of hours using the smart lock. Most of the smart lock has the function to track who is coming and going.

  1. Compatibility with Smart Home Environment.

Most of the smart locks have the compatibility to integrated into the existing smart home environment. If the smart lock is integrated with smart home technology it will be easy to get access to using other smart home devices. There are very few smart locks that are compatible with all the smart home technologies. That is why it is important to consider the compatibility of a smart lock with your existing smart home technology before buying it.