What Type of Removal Van Do I Need?


Moving furniture from one home to another can feel like a mammoth task and especially daunting when you’re not sure what size van you are going to need. Vans are usually measured by their weight or in cubic feet, which can seem rather useless to those of us who haven’t got a clue what that means in relation to box, bed and sofa size.

Basically, all furniture has a cubic feet size value which can help gauge the volume of the van you need to transport all your possessions. A medium sized box for example is around 3 cubic feet and a fridge freezer is around 30 cubic feet. So theoretically 200 boxes should fit into a 600 cubic feet van.

Removal company Chester can help when it comes to judging how much space you are going to need, however, if you are thinking of working this out for yourself then there are a few other things you will need to take into consideration before choosing your van.

When deciding on the right type of van you must also consider loading, unloading and stacking too. Furniture can be bulky and come in all wonderful shapes and sizes so sometimes it can be awkward to fit it all in. Sometimes it may be easier, and safer to overestimate the amount of space you need. Let’s face it, it’s much better than underestimating and not being able to fit in your prized side table that took you forever to find.

Medium Wheelbase Transit (MWB)

This type of van is typically one of the smallest removal vans available. The medium wheelbase transit van is capable of moving up to 30 medium sized boxes, which roughly is a small sized shed. If you are looking at also moving furniture items then you will need to subtract this amount from the volume too. It is advised if you are looking at taking a mixture of the too that you choose a larger van just in case you don’t have enough space for everything.

Long Wheelbase Transit (LWB)

If you are moving to or from a furnished property or clearing out your garage or lock up then this type of van could be a winner for you. This transit is capable of transporting plenty of boxes as well as much larger furniture items.

3.5 Ton Luton Van

If you find that the long wheelbase transit isn’t quite enough or would be a tight squeeze you may want to consider the 3.5 ton Luton van. The Luton van is much more practical and has up to 600 cubic feet worth of space, enough for 20-25 medium sized boxes as well as much bulkier items such as a washing machine, sofas, beds and a dining table. These vans also feature a tail lift too which make it much easier for loading and unloading typically awkward items.

7.5 Ton Luton Van

If you find that still isn’t enough and you have a loft or garage to attend with then the next step up would be the king of the removals world, the 7.5 ton Luton Van. These are usually required for families who have up to 4 beds and upward of 50 boxes.

So when you next decide to move home, make sure that you are fully prepared and know exactly what sized van to go for so you don’t have to decide what to leave behind at the last minute. Removal companies Chester can help you to determine what size is right for you so you can move with ease.