3 Basic Impacts to Know About Virtual Tour And Home Staging

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All the players in the market have noticed that requests for visits or information come from the Internet rather than through the agency.

It is therefore essential to differentiate and especially to offer interesting interactive content to visitors, whether on real estate portals or agencies sites.

What Are the Benefits of the Virtual Tour?

For more than one year of marketing, we can highlight three significant impacts:

  • On average for our customers, the average time spent on a website that contains virtual tours is multiplied up to 6 times.
  • Newsletters double their clickthrough rate and virality on social networks is increased tenfold. There are similar statistics on real estate portals.
  • A real estate advert with a virtual staging tour attracts between 3 to 5 times more clicks.

In addition to this, there is the possibility of offering an interactive agency experience by giving the property a new dimension with the compatibility of virtual tours with virtual reality. Virtual reality masks allow the user to project themselves inside the property in an immersive way. They move in the real estate as if they were there.

What Benefits for Your Agency to Set Up a Virtual Tour?

In particular, it facilitates the taking of exclusive mandates from the owners. They are seduced by the means implemented by the agency to value their property, whether it is for sale or lease.

80% of the owners prefer to entrust their property with a professional who proposes the virtual visit. The contribution of the virtual tour is thus indisputable.

Some agencies use these virtual tours to make a first remote visit of the properties to their potential buyers or tenants. A strategy that saves time since the real estate agent already makes the first selection from the goods he can offer to his client. The qualification of the customer need is thus more precise, and this technique decreases the unsuccessful visits.