Six Reasons Property Owners Choose Porcelain Tiles

Home Decoration

The market has many flooring options available for consumers. But, a lot of people prefer porcelain tiles for some reasons. Every porcelain tile manufacturer has its own recipe but clay is always the main ingredient together with items like sand, water, quartz, and feldspar. These days, porcelain tiles available from a Club Ceramic tile supplier are made using super-fine porcelain clay and fired at extremely high temperatures to produce dense, tough tiles. Below are the main reasons porcelain tiles are sought-after:

They Require Little Maintenance

With porcelain tiles, nose special floor cleaner is required because spills can easily be wiped up. A soap-less pH-neutral liquid cleaner and water will do the trick. Also, these tiles do not freeze, crack, or fade because of cold weather which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 

They are Stain-Resistant

People pick porcelain tiles for their natural resistance to stains and dirt penetration. In fact, they are also resistant to scratch and water. As these tiles are naturally dense, they are not easy to penetrate. They are an ideal choice for the floor to ceiling tile coverage.

They can Add Personality and Flair

Porcelain tiles have the ability to elevate a living space and suit any personality and demand in a home. Whether you want to install them in low-traffic or high-traffic areas, in the foyer, luxury master suite, or in a great room, they will surely stand out. The range of designs they are available with will add personality and glam to any space.

They are Durable and Versatile

As already mentioned above, porcelain tiles are made of earthen clays combined with other ingredients and transformed by fire which make them quite durable. Also, these tiles are non-flammable, have anti-bacterial properties, and do not emit VOC’s.

They Have a Timeless Beauty

The timeless beauty and durability of porcelain tiles make them a cost-effective tiling option. Also, they can be customised for each decorating challenge. Whether you have an active household, a busy family, or a sophisticated business setting, these tiles are the ideal options. 

They Promote Health

Since porcelain tiles have a solid surface and a stain-resistant quality they can protect your home against bacteria and allergens. Porcelain is a safe material for any rooms in your house. Also, even if you are on a budget, you can get premium-quality porcelain tiles at a reasonable price. With their design and health benefits, these tiles are perfect for your family or business establishments.