Wise ways to declutter your home


Living in a cluttered home is not ideal. Not only do you not have enough space for all your stuff, but you also end up feeling stressed and anxious. Mess is not good for our brains. 

The good news is that there are dozens of ways that you can tidy up and improve your wellbeing. Take a look at the following. 

Commit To Filling One Rubbish Bag With Junk

While you might insist that all of the possessions in your home are utterly indispensable and you couldn’t live without them, that assertion probably isn’t the truth. All of our homes are full of junk that we can afford to live without.

Committing to filling one rubbish bag with junk is an enlightening experience. You immediately see just how much detritus there is in your home and that you really can do something about it. 

Purge Your Fridge

While your kitchen might be a testament to shimmering, minimalist cabinets, the inside of your fridge might leave a lot to be desired. Our refrigerators, just like any other receptacle in our homes, tend to accumulate. We buy a jar of pickles for a BBQ and then leave it at the back of the fridge, just in case we have a pickle craving at some point in the future. It never comes. 

A fridge purge is where you take all of the jars of half-eaten, mouldy olives and sundried tomatoes and chuck them in the bin. You then commit to organising your refrigerator in a rational way – healthiest foods in front, junk behind. 

Use Self-Storage

Sometimes your house is genuinely too small for all your possessions. Insufficient floorspace often comes as a consequence of living on an island containing almost 70 million people. We’ve got the money to buy stuff, but not the space to put it anywhere. 

Self-storage is one potential solution. Instead of throwing out valuable pieces of furniture or your DVD collection, you put it into storage until you can either sell it to move to a new residence where you have enough space. 

Keep Your Dining Table Set

Have you ever noticed that certain parts of your home seem to accumulate clutter faster than others? If so, then you’re not alone. Many homeowners know that certain areas, like the dining room table, can become a dumping ground for all manner of junk. 

Here’s an idea to help put a stop to that: keep the dining room table set. By doing this, you take away the space that people would naturally use to store stuff. 

Create A Stash For Remotes

While remotes offer incredible convenience to our lives, they’re one of the most clutter-prone objects in existence, ruining the look of your carefully put together lounge. 

There are two things you should do when it comes to remotes. The first is clean them regularly. Just like most things that we touch with our hands, TV remotes are more bacteria-ridden than your average toilet bowl. The second is to create a TV remote storage rule, such as putting them in a basket or container on your coffee table after use.