Less Disruptive Ways to Refurbish Your Home

Home Decoration

Living in your home while it is going through refurbishing can be difficult. Fortunately, there are less disruptive ways you can renovate your home and make it look fabulous. You should think through any possible scenario then plan accordingly to avoid surprises.

Pick your contractor carefully

Do not just consider normal things like references, reputation and prices. Ask to meet the team; your contractor will be coming and going throughout the renovation work, but his crew will be your roommates until the job is completed. They will be there when you wake up, your children get home from school, and even on weekends. That is why it is important to trust your contractor and equally crucial that you get along with the entire team.

Temporary set-ups

Refurbishing your entire kitchen can take 2-3 months, while your bathroom can take 1-2 months. What will you be doing during this time? The solution might be temporary set-ups. A kitchen makeover company offers services such as replacement kitchen doors.
Look for a company that offers high-quality drawer fronts and replacement kitchen doors. A kitchen remodel is among the most worthwhile home improvement projects you can ever do. Your contractor will help you create a new spot where you can place your hot plates, crockpot, toaster and microwave. They can move your refrigerator to another room, then set up a temporary circuit for delivering electricity. If you do not have a shower, you can set up a temporary shower or tub in the basement.

Meal management

Before the project starts, create a menu for the entire time you will be without your full kitchen. Look for food that you can microwave or cook in a crockpot or toaster oven. Stock up on plastic utensils and paper plates.

Options for storage

You may not realise how many items you have until you start sifting through everything. Where can you put the items you have accumulated? You can put them in another room that you can seal off during renovation. You can also rent portable containers and safely store all your items just outside your home.

Send pets packing

Just because you will be living through the home renovation does not mean that your pets also should do the same. Your pet can begin to like the workers and end up getting in their way. Your pet can also end up getting terrified of the noise plus the strangers milling around, and they can hide or stress-hurl every day in your dry cleaning basket. You will then have to deal with the unexpected expense of buying new clothes. So, you should make arrangements for your pet to go and live somewhere else until the project is completed.

Schedule wisely

Some people prefer scheduling renovation project during the winter. This is a very quiet time of year and you usually have fewer activities going on outside your home. You should schedule the project to take place during the summer because most of the time you will be outside of your home. Also, you can use a grill during the summer and eat outside on a deck. This can really help when you are refurbishing your kitchen.

Minimise dust

Your contractor will ensure that they have done their best to protect your family and belongings from dust. You should also take precaution yourself by using sheets to cover things such as musical instruments and computers. Dust filter systems can be appropriate if one of your family members have dust allergies.

Leave your home

Think about visiting family or friends who live close or going on holiday. Getting out of your house can be a life-saver during any major renovation project. Your friends and family will provide you with emotional support, and they can help you with their running water if you need to take a shower or wash something until your shower or sink starts to function again. Even when you are using disposables tableware, items will start piling fast. So make sure you get some plastic tote bags that have sturdy handles; you can load them up with clothes, dishes and other stuff, and haul them to your friends’ houses from time to time.