How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall Using a DIY Holder


Displaying a guitar is a clear indication of the love a guitar owner has towards the instrument. There are many ways of hanging your guitar on the walls. Some people display the guitar on the walls creatively like a priced possession while some use the guitar casing, and some hang on their coaches. Besides, some use command strips; however, the strips are risky as they can hold 7lbs, and most guitars weigh more. So let’s look at how to hang a guitar on a wall.

Why interested and looking for ways to hang your instrument without necessarily buying a holder is helpful. Consider making a guitar hanger by yourself or purchase one; however, it may be costly. All you need is to think rationally and use your skills to cut the costs. Here are the instructions to help you hang your guitar on the wall. Keep reading.

Prep the wood

Cut a wooden piece into the required size or closet rod scrap. A 5″ or 4″ is recommendable. Drill the holes in the wooden scrape at both ends used for screws. Upon prepping the wood, stain using any color of your choice to make it attractive and give it time to dry.

Figure out the guitar weight

Identify the exact position appropriate for hanging your guitar. After identifying, mark the pace and drill holes. Use any marker to help you set the wood upright without necessarily making angles. Increase the height when and if you have children. This will ideally help to keep the guitar out of reach and is the best thing to save your acoustic from preventable damages.


Consider placing the wall anchors on the identified area drilled into the wall. Screw them properly and ensure they are very firm attached to the wall. When correctly screwed the wood or closet rod will attach. Consider putting everything together. Ensure the wood is at its correct level. Besides, ensure the bracket is more secure and firm to hold the guitar weight.

When making the holes, consider doing the top screw first while placing a level on each side. The mounting block must be rotated until the glass tube guidelines flank the bubble level. When the bubbles are centered, it’s time to insert the remaining screw into the bottom hole. Use an electric screwdriver or regular screws for this job. Use only screws that came with the guitar mount, and if such screws are unavailable, use screws twice the thickness of the mounting block. Pay close attention when drilling the screws until they hit the wall stud.

In conclusion, a guitar is a prized instrument that must be displayed brilliantly. However, it would be best if you did not spend too much to achieve this. Use this article tips to help you showcase your acoustic cheaply. Use long wooden pieces while in possession of more than one guitar. All you need is to purchase extra hollow and tool hangers to hold your guitars in position. Remember to keep children out of reach.