Common Issues Requiring Roofing Repair


The roof is vital since it protects the house from wind, sun, rain, snow, and debris. It shields the occupants so that no one has to worry about the chaos outside as they live in comfort. However, the roof can develop issues over time and these will need the owner’s attention.

Immediate action is best since this will prevent the problem from getting worse. You will typically pay only a small amount to fix the problem and the roofing repair can be completed quickly. Not everyone becomes aware of the issues right away. Others may not have spare cash when they discover the problems so they have to save or take out a loan. Below are some of the most common issues with roofs:


This is almost inevitable such that it should be expected. Although roofs are sealed, water is persistent and it may eventually make its way into the house. All it needs is a tiny hole, crack, or gap. These could develop due to corrosion, weathering, and aging. These should be deal with as soon as possible since it will only worsen over the years. Tolerable drips can turn into a fast moving torrent. Wooden parts of the roof can rot and become a feast for mold. Look for telltale signs of leaks such as water stains on the ceiling and act right away.

Storm Damage

Issues can also appear overnight instead of developing over time. This is particularly common during major storms. The strength of the winds and the deluge of rain can take their toll on the roof. Shingles can be blown off or moved out of place. In the worst storms, even metal roofs can see the sheets flying off and leaving the top of the house exposed to the rain. This kind of damage definitely calls for speedy solutions. You cannot leave the gapping holes during the rainy season as the interiors will get drenched and flooded.

Sagging Roof

The roof is meant to have a straight incline that guides the water off the roof and into the gutters until it goes to the pipes. However, sometimes water or snow stays on the roof for so long that the roof structure sags. This will only make the problem worse as more water will pool in this area and exert more pressure on the supporting structure. This is a serious problem but it can be a costly roofing repair job. Therefore, it might require more time and effort to save up for. It is usually localized so only the problematic area needs fixing, not the whole roof. roofing omaha, ne is a crucial job, and must be assigned to an expert.

Moss Build-up

Roofs are frequently moist so they can be ideal places for moss and algae to grow, especially if it’s in a shaded area. This will cause the roof to stain. It may also grow between shingles, widening the gaps to allow water in. The decking can rot and the roof might leak eventually. The raised singles are also easier for wind to blow off. Debris could also be trapped in the gaps. Pressure washing and scraping are not recommended. Instead, you can try to remove the shade, use products that create an acidic environment, and remove moisture from the roof.

If you have any of these issues, consider looking at a professional like Western Roofing San Jose to help you remedy the situation.