How Often Should Your Yard Be Treated For Mosquitoes?

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The annoying sounds of mosquitoes buzzing around your ear and biting you, your kids, and your pets while playing in the yard are bothersome. Plus, it can cause dangerous diseases like Malaria, Dengue, and whatnot. Since you cannot stop using your yard due to mosquito attacks, your best bet to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard is to get help from a professional Highland Village pest control company.

So, how often should you treat your yard for mosquitoes?

Based on how long the treatment procedure continues and how successful it turns out to be depends on factors like weather, solution application technique, and the population of mosquitoes in your yard. 

Therefore, since these factors keep changing each time you wish to do a pest control treatment, the number of times you should treat your yard also varies. However, modern pest control techniques suggest that you should get the mosquito repellent treatment done every 30 days, depending on the weather conditions to get the treatment done. 

Also, the chemical solution used for repelling the mosquitoes starts to wear off after 30 days or more. Hence, it is suggested that a professional pest control team be called every month.

Should you treat the entire yard thoroughly?

Depending on the region you want mosquito-free, this will vary. The expert’s usual starting point for a treatment spot is one acre unless the size of your land is bigger. Properties with a little under an acre are going to perform the treatment in places that have more mosquitoes throughout the whole yard. They also pay close attention to the yard’s edge.  

The preferred spots in the yard usually are big plant leaves, wooden elements, and moist areas, which always have a bulk of mosquitoes hovering around. 

So, getting the treatment started in such spots can affect the mosquito population largely and also require less amount of chemical solutions to be used for the rest of the spots in the yard. 

How does it help to kill mosquitoes in yard work every month?

Most of the mosquito repelling experts spray around the perimeter of your yard while specifically hitting spots where mosquitoes breed. However, the reproduction of mosquitoes is a continuous process that requires getting rid of a new batch every few days. 

The expert you will call for mosquito repelling will cover all the spots they know from the previous visit, making it easier for them to get the procedure quicker. 

Are there any natural alternatives to the chemical sprays?

Most mosquito repellents are made out of chemicals and are harmful to garden insects as well as your house pets. However, alternatives like peppermint and oil made out of teat trees can be used as natural solutions to repel mosquitoes. You keep your dogs away from this solution as it is toxic to dogs, just like the chemical is. 

Why is it necessary to spray and repel mosquitoes?

While mosquitoes are not very pleasant to have around, they spread diseases and also reproduce continuously. This welcomes a large population of mosquitoes in a large number and can harm kids by biting and bringing illness.