Hospital Construction: How to Design a Working Project Timeline


It is one thing to construct a residential house and another to build a healthcare facility. Irrespective of the size, putting up a hospital is a massive undertaking—one that requires proper planning. One of the best ways the project can be executed well is through proper planning. This is where the design of clear project timelines comes in. Having a scheduled timeline for different phases of a hospital building project makes the process easy to manage. Here are five secrets of designing a working project timeline when constructing a hospital.

  1. Write A Project Brief

To keep every project stakeholder on the plan, the project should begin with a brief. It is a great way to outline the vision, goal, and purpose of the hospital construction. Determine the external and internal goals for the projects, its timeframe, and the roles of each stakeholder.

  1. Work With A Design Professional

Secondly, you need to hire the most qualified architect or designer for the job. Due to the size of the project, you may need both for better results. Ideally, an interior designer is great for offering sound advice on color and material selections. An architect, on the other hand, is the person who is experienced in a wide range of construction work. They will work on the hospital floor plans, help you get permits and carry out detailed electrical plans and other components.

To choose the best person for the job, pick the best reviewed or someone referred to you by a friend or close associate. Organize a meet in person before signing any contract.

  1. Create A Plan

Once you have hired a design team, the next agenda on the list is to draw a rough layout of the hospital’s floor plan. Design professionals need time to come up with schematic diagrams of hospital standards. Most design plans of this magnitude often take several months to complete. These plans will help give clear directions of the construction project.

  1. Break The Project Into Smaller Tasks

With the plans ready, the actual construction work needs to be broken down into separate tasks. Together with your design team, come up with a to-do list for the project. Determine what needs to take place between the plans and erection of the health care and the building. Think both small and big steps. Doing this will certainly help you determine the various dependencies in the steps after.

  1. Write Down Time Estimates

With the list of steps taken to complete the project, proceed to allocate time for each step. Be sure to give your team sufficient time to finish the task while staying within the original timeframe. For obvious reasons, you will need plenty of consultation with relevant stakeholders to get everything right. Be sure to write every last detail on paper or on screen.

There it is; five secrets to designing a working project timeline before constructing a hospital. Once your list of tasks is ready and your estimates are in place, you can make the necessary adjustments to polish everything off.