How to Find the Right Waterproofing Company


Many drainage issues such as leaks, foundation cracks and floods are caused by improper installation done by amateur contractors. To make the most out of your basement waterproofing system, you should choose a certified and qualified company.

Conducting thorough interviews and doing research will help you a lot. If you haven’t got any experience in choosing contractor companies, here is a short and efficient guide that will help you a lot:

  1. License 

One of the very first things you should ask your potential waterproofing contractors louisville, ky is whether they are licensed and insured. Having certified professionals handle your balcony waterproofing orange county ca significantly reduces chances for any mistakes.

Insurance means that you won’t be held responsible for damage and injuries during the job. If a company doesn’t have insurance and somebody gets hurt during installation, you would have to pay for the costs. 

  1. Experience

Even though license is very important, experience beats everything! For instance, if you are specifically looking for a waterproofing company, check their years of experience and the services in which they thrive.

Some plumbing companies specialize in piping, others in roof and gutters, but the ones you need should be inclined to basements and waterproofing projects. You can ask the company about their recent projects and years of experience.

Newer companies lack experience while older ones are stuck on outdated methods, so the ideal experience should be somewhere between 8 and 15 years. 

  1. Reviews

The internet has brought us many wonderful things. One of those things are sites like LinkedIn, Anglie’s list and HomeStars. Before you hire someone, make sure to read online reviews. 

Additionally, you should also look at their website and see if everything is updated and modern. This means that the company stays up to date and is flexible to change. User-friendly websites are proof that the company values the needs of their clients. 

  1. Ask Questions 

Of course, don’t take the information for granted since there are tons of “crazy” customers and reviews out there. To make the right decision, combine all the knowledge you have gathered, both from the internet and from the live interview. 

When you first call a contractor, the contractor should be open-minded, professional and willing to explain everything in detail. Collaboration and communication is the key for successful basement waterproofing projects. 

  1. Warranty

No matter how much experience someone has, mistakes and damage can happen if nature wants it that way. That’s why you should also ask for warranties about material and manual work. 

Typically, warranty may last to 10-15 years, but there are also companies that offer extensive ones, lasting to 25 years. These are the companies you should hire since longer warranties mean better service and quality.