Tips To Help During Chimney Cleaning


Burning fires lead to the accumulation of soot and creosote substances that vulnerably causes chimney fires. For this reason, chimneys need to be cleaned regularly to avoid such risks to your family and property at large. However, hiring a professional can be extravagant as well as expensive. All you need is to pick up some tools from the hardware that will enable you to clean your chimney yourself. This article gives tips essential to help you maintain your chimney clean.

Do a yearly chimney inspection. Consider inspecting and sweeping your chimney not when the need arises but regularly. When the chimney, fireplace, furnace, and water heaters are free from obstructions and clean, risks such as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are minimized.

Free and clear. Ensure that the top of your chimney is clear and free from tree branches and other obstructions.

Cap your chimney. Ensure your chimney cap is installed on all outlets. Construct new chimney caps made of steel as they do have the advantage of not rusting. Besides, they keep away birds, rains, squirrels, raccoons, tree leaves, and other forms of dirt or obstacles that could potentially hinder sufficient flow of gasses.

Use the right fuel. Do not attempt to burn charismas trees in your fireplace. Avoid dumb woods and wood stove; pressure treated and painted scrap lumber. They provide a lot of soot that will block your chimney and cause havoc.

Liquid-free light. Never use any form of liquid fire starters such as lighter liquid, gasoline, charcoal grill lighter among others to start your fire. Instead, use fire starters meant for wood stoves and fireplaces. They are dangerous as they can cause ignition in your chimney and can cause other inherent dangers.

Keep it clear. Ensure that all furniture and combustible materials are away near fireplaces or stoves like 36 inches. While they are exposed to heat lowers ignition temperatures and vulnerably catch fire over time.

Doors and screens. Ensure you have a fireplace screen or glass doors in your fireplace. The flying fire sparks from wood will make potential burn holes on your furniture and carpet. Consider opening your glass doors while in operation in the fireplace. Do not attempt to close them while the fire is burning. Glass is not rated for fireplace temperatures, and as such, fire will starve out of oxygen and smoke your home.

Install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. New detectors will detect carbon monoxide and smoke. As such, they should be installed entirely in your home. Consider placing them optimally on the ceilings; this is where the smoke and carbon monoxide rests. Attend all the tumbling logs. Tumbling logs off the grate can potentially knock a fireplace screen and start the fire.

Pick the right and qualified company. Research well and have sufficient information on the company you want to contract to clean and sweep your fireplace and chimney. Check on their certifications, experience, and training they have. Ask your friends and relatives concerning the company. They will give you the real experience they went through with the company while they contracted them. Give a red flag in case you learn something negative about the company. They might cause havoc at the expense of offering qualified services or steal a living from you without solving your predicament.

Chimney cleaning can relieve you from the burdens of home fires. Ensure you schedule cleaning your chimney regularly, especially at the end of seasons. By cleaning your chimney, you will get rid of acids and creosote that can damage your fireplace mortar, and when moisture combines with creosote will develop a strong unwanted odor.

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