Everything you need to know about modular homes


For centuries people have thought of homes to be constructed on the site. In the present day and age, the modular portable homes are breaking this tradition. These homes are built in factories. All you need to do is to de-assemble and reassemble them. You can find Hoek Modular Homes portable cabins for sale that is customized for your personal needs and preferences. In the past few years, the modular constructed has seen an unprecedented rise in popularity. It is highly preferred for commercial applications like offices, etc. Available in variable sizes and shapes these homes serve as real property, just like their on-site built counterparts. You even get the insurance plans for modular homes similar to the onsite constructed homes. Despite increasing popularity, there are many doubts about these homes. Here we attempt to provide you all the basic information about these Mobile homes

  • What are modular homes?

Modular homes are built in factories and assembled on the site. These homes are developed and transported to the desired site. Builders then assemble these homes on the site. These are also popular with names like prefab homes, system-built or factory-built homes. It is also important to note that modular homes are not mobile homes.

  • Modular homes are different from built on-site homes

Modular homes can be built much faster than traditional on-site constructed homes. These are built in-doors and are not subjected to any delay caused by weather or any other factor. These homes have to conform to different rules and regulations as compared to traditional homes. The research that you have to do before selecting a company that provides a modular home is also very different. You should analyze the price, quality, and services the company provides.

  • All modular homes do not look the same

All modular homes do not look the same. The construction of these homes is not restricted by any design limitations. You can experiment and explore new innovative architecture. You can choose to have a traditional center hall colonial or the Mediterranean. You can create your dream home by adding details at all levels.

  • Assembling modular homes

These factory-built homes are created in a controlled environment. These homes are built in sections that are transported to the site. Here they are assembled with the help of cranes. During the assembling process, all the child-buildings are combined to create your dream home. Once placed in its foundation, these homes cannot be relocated.

  • Modular homes can save you money

Modular homes are generally less expensive than the onsite-constructed homes. The key factor that reduces the cost is in-door construction. It eliminates any weather-related delay and allows all inspections and quality-checks to be done before shipping homes to their permanent locations. However, electrical, plumbing, septic system, etc. would add to the bottom line.

  • Recognizing a modular home

Modular homes can be identified by the metal tags they often have in the closets, cabinets, or outside each section. These tags are present on the electrical panel box. You can find the manufacturing date on these tags.

  • Benefits of having a modular home

Modular homes are less expensive and are faster to build. You do not have to conduct a home inspection explicitly. These homes have a wide variety so you can customize your design and material. These are also energy-efficient and environment-friendly.