Beautiful lanterns are hanging out on every house. Christmas songs are being blasted on the stereo. Bazaars are one by one opening in each park of every village. The once silent streets of the city have been busy lately. Buying and selling gifts for the Christmas season. Children are playing outside, making snowman, throwing snowballs at each other, and creating snow angels. And the warm night has been turned into cold nights. Winter has come and the snowflakes are starting to fall from the night sky.

It is the season to be jolly!

However, although these lovely things are already out on the streets, there is still something that people are concerned about. Since the autumn season is already finished, winter has already begun. Therefore, people are expecting an inevitable snowstorm that may pass the town. And instead of being able to join the festivity outside, citizens have been finding shelter under the roof of their houses. 

The roof is one of the important parts of your humble abode. It is the first line of defence that provides shelter from the unavoidable changing conditions of the sky. Especially when the weather outside is frightful and you’ve got no place to go, but to stay at the warm fireplace inside the four corners of your home. The snow just keeps falling from the sky and it seems like it is not stopping any soon. Albeit, the roof will keep you safe from the harsh weather outside, still it will not last too long, most especially when the harsh thawing continues.

Do you know that the winter weather is hard on your roof? As predictable as it sounds, it will definitely happen. Most especially when not properly taken care of and if you are one of those homeowners who is a brick roofer.

Since the ice, the snow, the freezing weather, and the defrosting can generate various problems. That may definitely lead to some damages that should not be ignored. Plus, roofing repair may occur and it will cost you a lot of dollars to spend. Moreover, when it is not adequately addressed in an early matter.

To give a heads up, the winter weather can lead to leaks, mold growth, and systematic damage. Which may turn your home to a safe less house than before. 

No worries though, because ALL COUNTY EXTERIORS, the best company in Brick, NJ roofing, created and designed this infographic. It has the most common roofing problems that you may experience during the cold season. They have also provided on how you can solve them. Read the infographic here.