10 Awesome Pest Control Tips


All pest insects and animals share three things in common; harbourage, water, and food. When these favorable conditions are enhanced, they come in large numbers. Nothing ruins a picnic compared to a line of ants. Nothing ruins a joyous morning like spotting a cockroach, mouse, and a spider on the walls of your house. Nothing ruins a barbecue like a swarm of mosquitoes. As such, keeping pests away from your vicinity is essential. Here are ten pest control practices to keep away pests this summer.

Block pest entries

The first surefire way of defense is making it difficult for pests to access your home. Block pest entrances by repairing all holes leading to your house, sealing all gaps within house doors and windows, and replace window stripping with immediacy when needed.

Keep the kitchen clean.

Food remains on kitchen counters or floors serve as a treasure chest to insects and ants. Keep your kitchen always clean and let pests find treasured elsewhere far away from your home. Sweep your floors, clean your counters, avoid accumulating trash, and put away food immediately. All this gives no room for pests within your hose.

Pour standing water

The first step of controlling mosquitoes is by getting rid of standing water. Standing water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes and a fat mosquito invitation. Ensure no standing waters within your compound by regular torrential. Check for leaks, rain spouts, and dispose toys scattered within your yard.

Maintain your yard

Ensure your yard is well maintained by controlling the overgrowth of bushes serving as pest hideouts and nests. Trim trees and shrubs within the vicinity of your house, rake all the debris and weeds.

Eat your veggies and Fruits.

Do not let veggies and fruits to overly ripe on your kitchen counters. Be sure of inviting fruit flies if you do. Eliminating fruit flies is an uphill task, therefore, better to avoid this menace.

Store firewood properly

Improper storing of firewood is an invitation of termites. Store firewood away from your shed or house five feet minimum away. Remember to store racks above the ground.

Do not hurriedly throw meat outside.

While you throw meat scraps to the outside garbage, ensure it is collected within 48 hours. When meat stays for longer hours in the outdoor trash, the combination of the summer sun and rotting would ideally bring unwanted pests alarmingly pretty fast.

Regular inspection of outside furniture and swings

Check the chains and corners of outside furniture and swing sets. Remove all spider webs and their egg sacks.

Do not bring outside items into your house.

Keep in house toys inside and outside toys outside. Wipe thoroughly if you intend to bring an outside chair, toy, and table in your house.

Use certified pest control services.

Hire professional pest control services to spray your house for rodents and bugs. Pest control professionals take inventory of your issues and customize a long-lasting amicable solution.

Use the tips to keep pests away from your home and yard. And if you are looking for one of the top exterminators, check out this Fallbrook pest control option.