6 Amazing Tools Auto Locksmiths Use to Unlock Vehicles

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If you have faced the hard times of getting your car locked and losing your car keys, you know how important it is to have an auto locksmith easily available.

Image Courtesy: locksmithsydney.com.au

Auto locksmiths offer professional services to their clients who lock inside or out of their cars and lose their car key.

Have you ever wondered how they do that without damaging your car? Here are various ways that locksmiths use to open cars.

1. Key Analyser and Mechanical Code Key Cutter

Modern and techy cars are equipped with keyless entry. If such a modern vehicle gets locked, locksmiths use a key analyser or a VATS passkey decoder to find out the vehicle’s electrical resistance values.

Next they use a mechanical code key cutter to make an accurate key without needing the original for duplication.

2. Broken Key Extractor

It’s a hard time for a car owner when the car’s key gets broken inside the car’s lock.

At such times, auto locksmiths make use of a broken key extractor to take the broken key or its parts out from the lock. Then they duplicate the key and unlock the car.

There is also a door handle clip removal tool that locksmiths use. It helps them removing the retainer clip that locks a car’s door handle to the door.

3. Immobiliser Re-flashing

Some cars have a theft deterrent called immobiliser. This tool prevents a vehicle from starting when a burglar attempts to steal it.

But, sometimes the immobiliser becomes faulty and prevents the car from starting even though the owner uses the key.

Car locksmiths are very efficient at solving this type of problem and getting your vehicle moving within no time.

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Image Courtesy: locksmithsydney.com.au

4. Reprogramming

Since most cars have keyless entry systems these days, for using keys to unlock them, first they have to be programmed.

A good auto locksmith such as those on unlock car door service from Locksmith Sydney who is well aware of keyless entry systems knows well how to reprogram the lock and thus can unlock your car without damaging it.

5. J and L Tools

A J tool is used by auto locksmiths to unlock older cars having lock and unlock buttons near the inner panel of the doors.

The J tool helps them to reach the inside of the vehicle by passing through the top of the window. Then it is manipulated to release the vehicle’s door by lifting the unlock switch.

The L tool is quite similar to the J tool in its design, except that it has a bit different shape and can better work with only certain car models and designs.

6. Slim Jim

The primary tool for every auto locksmith is a slim jim. When a vehicle is locked, a slim jim is inserted between the glass and weather stripping of the window of the car so as to unlock it without using a key.

Although the process may look quite easy, a locksmith has to be highly knowledgeable, trained and experienced about the use of slim jim since wrongly using this tool may damage or disable the electrical system or airbags of the car.

All in all, auto locksmiths are the persons who can help you in difficult situations with their skills, experience and right tools. So, call them and get rid of your problem.